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Stuart Schwartz - "Stuntman Stu" | Canada | Beyond The Radio Waves

Updated: Jan 30

Radio Broadcaster | Ambassador | Advocate | Media Personality

Stuart Schwartz, famously known as "Stuntman Stu," has weathered the storms of leukemia not once but twice, leaving a profound impact on his mental health. In a candid revelation, Stu shares the challenges he faced and the toll it took on him, leading to a period of deep depression and PTSD. Recognizing the need for a change, he took a crucial sabbatical, sought therapy, and prioritized spending time with loved ones. Hailing from Montreal but synonymous with Ottawa, Stu's journey into the media industry began by making people laugh and smile at school, evolving into a beloved radio personality. A graduate of Algonquin College, he, alongside longtime friend Angie Poirier, faced initial resistance when taking over the morning show on MAJIC 100. Despite the challenges, their perseverance paid off, solidifying their place in listeners' hearts.

Beyond the radio waves, Stuntman Stu's involvement with the Ottawa Senators and deep community connections marked significant chapters in his career. Battling leukemia brought him face-to-face with his bone marrow donors, an experience he describes as mind-blowing and emotional.

In the midst of a slower-paced life post-leukemia, Stu continues to connect with his audience on MOVE 100.3, broadcasting from his Barrhaven basement.

His perspective on life has shifted, emphasizing positivity and gratitude. The 'Stusonian Museum' in his basement reflects his illustrious career, but a handwritten note reminds him daily to "Have a good day. Smile. Be Grateful."

As he navigates this "new normal," Stu shares insights into his challenges during the pandemic, his return to radio in 2021, and the ongoing adjustment to a life with fewer public appearances.

Spa days, exploring farmers' markets, and road trips bring him joy, revealing a more contemplative and appreciative Stuntman Stu.

Looking ahead to 2023, Stu's humorous priority is to win an argument with his wife after 20 years of marriage, showcasing his resilience, humor, and a genuine appreciation for life's smaller moments.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @stuntmanstu

Facebook: @stuntman stu


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