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Stephen Essien | Ghana | Profound Commitment

Group Chief Commercial Officer @ Jibu Inc. | Business Leadership C-Suite Execute | Keynote Speaker

Business Strategist | Professional Certified Coach by ICF | Customer Experience Expert

Stephen Essien's remarkable 26-year journey through diverse industries showcases a trailblazing career dedicated to driving business growth, fostering innovation, and shaping future leaders. From his early roles to his current position as Group Chief Commercial Officer at Jibu Inc, Essien's impact has been felt across FMCG, telecommunications, and renewable energy sectors. Throughout his career, Stephen Essien has exhibited a keen eye for business strategies that elevate profitability. Having worked with renowned brands like Zain, Airtel, Vodafone, Tigo, ZEGHA Energy Ltd, and D.light Africa, Essien's contributions extend to leadership, customer relations, and employee engagement.

Currently serving as the Group Chief Commercial Officer at Jibu Inc, Essien navigates the helm of global operations. His responsibilities include driving brand expansion, ensuring operational standards, and implementing commercial strategies across major markets. He plays a pivotal role in managing relationships with Area Master Franchisees in multiple countries.

Beyond his executive roles, Essien is an ICF accredited Professional Certified Coach and IAPPD Certified corporate trainer. With a decade of advising and coaching experience, he crafts comprehensive multi-year plans, emphasizing realistic KPIs, OKRs, and metrics to track success. In 2022 alone, he dedicated over 700 hours to leadership and business coaching.

A sought-after speaker, Essien has graced international conferences, sharing insights on business leadership, commercial transformation, and customer experience. His influence extends beyond the boardroom, impacting the global business community. Stephen Essien holds a Doctorate in Business Leadership from SBS Swiss Business School, adding to his impressive array of qualifications, including an MBA from the University of Liverpool. His commitment to continuous learning underscores his dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends.

As the Lead Solutions Consultant at EVOLUTION CONSULT, Essien contributes to a non-profit business advisory firm, supporting students and small business entrepreneurs on a pro bono basis. From his tenure at ZOLA Electric to Tigo Ghana and Vodafone, Essien's leadership has consistently spurred business turnarounds, increased market share, and fostered customer-centric strategies. Stephen Essien's story is one of unwavering dedication, strategic brilliance, and a profound commitment to driving positive change in both business and society.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Stephen Essien

Instagram: @sessienofficial


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