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Somachi Chris-Asoluka | Nigeria | No Shortcuts!!

CEO @ The Tony Elumelu Foundation | Philanthropist

Meet Somachi Chris-Asoluka, a highly accomplished professional currently serving as the CEO of the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF). She has a robust background in economics, holding a Master's Degree in International and Development Economics from Yale University and graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Saint Mary's College of California. In her role at TEF, Somachi has demonstrated exemplary leadership as the Director of Partnerships and Communications. She oversees marketing, communications, policy, advocacy, and partnerships for the foundation, playing a pivotal role in building strategic relationships with various stakeholders, multilateral organizations, and development institutions. Under her leadership, TEF has trained over 1.5 million young Africans and disbursed nearly USD$100 million in direct funding to entrepreneurs, creating significant job opportunities.

Throughout her career, Somachi has held key positions such as Head of Policy and Partnerships, Head of Policy and External Relations, and Head of Research, Policy, and Advocacy at TEF. She has successfully secured partnerships, managed advocacy initiatives, and contributed to policy changes across Africa, particularly in youth empowerment, education, SMEs, agriculture, and technical budget allocations.

Somachi's expertise extends to her role as a Research Associate, where she managed the data gathering, econometric analysis, and methodology review of the inaugural Africapitalism Index.

She has collaborated with prestigious institutions, including Stanford, Oxford, and Imperial University, and played a crucial role in launching impactful reports, such as the "Unleashing African Agricultural Entrepreneurs."

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Somachi is recognized for her academic excellence, receiving the "Adam Smith" award for the highest-performing graduating student in Economics.

She is an active member of professional associations and holds a fellowship with the Moremi Initiative for Women's Leadership in Africa.Overall, Somachi Chris-Asoluka's profile reflects a dedicated and influential leader with a passion for empowering African entrepreneurs, advocating for policy changes, and making a positive impact on the continent's economic development.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Somachi Chris-Asoluka

Instagram: @somachichrisasoluka


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