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Shirley Tony Kum | Ghana | Beacon of Mentorship

Corporate Communications Manager, Vivo Energy Ghana, Shell Licensee | Speaker

Once upon a time, in the dynamic realm of corporate communications, there existed a luminary whose prowess transcended mere words - Shirley Tony Kum, a maestro of communication, blending the precision of science with the elegance of artistry. With accolades adorning her career like stars in a night sky, Shirley's narrative is a tapestry woven with threads of innovation, strategy, and impact.

Picture this: a bustling hub of energy in Vivo Energy Ghana, where Shirley orchestrates a symphony of communication strategies, each note resonating with precision and purpose. Armed with a formidable arsenal of skills - from media relations to event management, from internal communication to traditional PR - she navigates the labyrinth of corporate landscapes with finesse.

As the beacon of corporate communications for Vivo Energy Ghana, Shirley's journey is one of pioneering spirit and strategic brilliance. Through her visionary leadership, she has elevated Vivo Energy to the zenith of international acclaim within the downstream petroleum sector, sculpting its identity as a paragon of excellence.

But Shirley's saga extends far beyond the confines of Vivo Energy. With a career spanning over 18 illustrious years, she has left an indelible mark across diverse realms - from her tenure at Stratcomm Africa Limited to her stewardship at the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. Each chapter in her career narrative is imbued with the essence of innovation, resilience, and impact.

A laureate of numerous accolades, Shirley's mantle is adorned with the jewels of recognition - from being hailed as the PR Discovery of the Year to earning the coveted title of CSR Practitioner of the Year. Yet, amidst the glittering awards and accolades, her most cherished triumph remains her early recognition as a distinguished young leader, honored with the prestigious Head of State Award Scheme.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Shirley is a custodian of knowledge and a beacon of mentorship. Actively engaged in the tapestry of academia and professional associations, she imparts wisdom as the Honorary Secretary of the Institute of Public Relations, Ghana, and lends her expertise to the Governing Council of the African University College of Communications.

Armed with a plethora of academic laurels - including an MA in Marketing Strategy from the University of Ghana Business School and an MA in Communications, Media, and Public Relations from the University of Leicester, UK - Shirley is the epitome of lifelong learning and scholarly pursuit.

But amidst the accolades and academic laurels, Shirley's true legacy lies in her passion for nurturing the next generation of communication trailblazers. A fervent advocate for mentorship, she invests her time and energy in fostering the growth and development of young professionals in PR and Communications, sculpting a legacy that transcends generations.

In the grand tapestry of corporate communications, Shirley Tony Kum stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic vision, innovative thinking, and unwavering dedication. Her story is not merely one of professional success, but a narrative of inspiration, empowerment, and enduring impact.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @shirleykum

LinkedIn: Shirley Tony Kum


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