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Samy Snoussi | Morocco & France | Visual Expression

Artist - Exploring The Fine Line Between Writing & Drawing

Delve into the captivating world of Moroccan artist Samy Snoussi, a master of painting and sculpture, whose work delves into the intricate web of human identity and connection. Through a rich tapestry of mediums including acrylics, charcoal, pastels, resin, and plaster on canvas, Snoussi defies artistic norms, creating pieces that transcend conventional boundaries. From a young age, Snoussi found solace and expression through creativity, whether it was constructing cabanas or fashioning dresses from used curtains. Despite the societal notion that creativity may not lead to success, Snoussi's innate passion for art propelled him forward, ultimately choosing the artist's life as it chose him.

The innocent gaze of a child permeates Snoussi's abstract compositions, a concept born from his own struggle with dyslexia. For Snoussi, creativity is the language of the child within, untouched by the constraints of adulthood. His work incorporates "secret language symbols," inspired by semasiography, a technique of communication through non-phonetic symbols, reflecting a universal language beyond spoken words.

These symbols adorn various mediums, from books to architecture, jewelry, and even the human body, serving as a unifying thread across diverse fields. Snoussi's artistic process embraces spontaneity, allowing his hand to guide the creation intuitively, drawing from the depths of his unconscious mind.

As a graduate urban designer, Snoussi harbors dreams of leaving his mark on an expansive urban canvas, envisioning his symbols adorning city streets or the facades of buildings, capturing the essence of his art from a bird's eye perspective. In essence, Samy Snoussi's artistry transcends mere visual expression, offering a profound exploration of human connection and the timeless language of creativity.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @samygsnoussi


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