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Salena Starling | Canada | Empowering Lives, Transforming Futures

Entrepreneur | Treaty 1 - President & CEO @communityofbighearts & Swampy Cree

Speaker | Activist | Keynote | Facilitator

Salena Starling, a dedicated member of Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation, currently holds the esteemed position of President and CEO at the Community of Big Hearts. Remarkably, she stepped into the role of CEO at the tender age of 18, building on a foundation laid at the age of 11 when she commenced her journey as a public speaker, bravely sharing her personal experiences within the child welfare system. Her overarching objective is to establish connections with others, reassuring them that they are not alone, all the while fervently advocating for transformative change.

In November 2022, Salena's compelling narrative resonated with the Community of Big Hearts' owner, propelling her into the role of a facilitator. Her boundless passion and unwavering dedication were quickly recognized, leading to her appointment as the President in July 2023.

This marked the initiation of a transformative phase characterized by collaborative partnerships and the honing of her leadership skills. By November of the same year, she ascended to the position of CEO, poised to leverage her platform for the positive change she envisions. The anticipation of the profound impact of Salena's tireless efforts is palpable.

In addition to her executive leadership role, Salena has spearheaded programs designed to empower youth, equipping them with essential networking, public speaking, and confidence-building skills. In the year 2023 alone, her influential voice reached over 1500 individuals, passionately imparting insights on truth and reconciliation, along with her personal journey through the foster care system.

Salena's unwavering commitment to making a difference is not confined to her executive leadership; it extends to her ability to inspire and connect with a diverse and extensive audience. Her sagacious advice echoes: "No matter your age or the challenges you've faced, you can achieve your dreams and continue making more." Salena Starling stands as a beacon of resilience, leadership, and empowerment, ready to shape a brighter future.

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