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Ruth Wewura Guribie | Ghana | Nurturing Beauty Naturally

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Manager, Business Development | Founder Sava Shea Company Limited | Philanthropist

In the heart of Ghana, Ruth Wewura Guribie has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of natural skincare. As the founder of Sava Shea Company Limited, established in 2015, Ruth has dedicated herself to crafting a brand that celebrates the richness of shea butter, a beloved local ingredient cherished by women across the African continent for decades. Sava Shea is not just a cosmetics company; it's a testament to Ruth's commitment to offering high-quality skincare products while empowering the local community. The company's offerings include Body Creams/Butters, African Black Soap Shower Gel, Lip balm, Hair/Beard Growth Oil, and unrefined shea butter, all made from premium-quality, handcrafted shea butter sourced from rural women in Northern Ghana. These products reflect the simplicity and natural beauty that Ghana has to offer in skincare.

Ruth's journey began when she realized that the skincare products she used were laden with synthetic chemicals, some undisclosed. Concerned about the long-term effects on her skin, she decided to pivot and create products using only natural oils and butters. Her kitchen experiments laid the foundation for Sava Shea, where the focus is on providing safe, effective, and chemical-free skincare for all skin types and ages.

Driven by a passion for sustainability and environmental consciousness, Ruth believes in the power of organic ingredients to promote both skin health and ecological well-being. Sava Shea's commitment to transparency is evident in fully disclosing product ingredients and educating consumers about the harmful substances found in mainstream cosmetics.

Beyond skincare, Ruth's entrepreneurial journey is a reflection of her resilience and dedication. As a business development manager in the energy services sector, she felt the calling to create something of her own, leveraging her skills and knowledge. Sava Shea is not just a business; it's an embodiment of Ruth's vision, passion, dedication, and talent. As an entrepreneur, Ruth encourages others not to quit in the face of challenges.

She advocates for a deep connection to one's passion, expressed in a way that feels inspired, natural, and unique. For Ruth, Sava Shea is not just a financial venture; it's a representation of her identity and a means to make a positive impact on the world. Looking ahead, Ruth envisions Sava Shea as a global leader in the cosmetics industry, offering the finest shea-based skincare products. Her satisfaction as an entrepreneur stems from owning and creating something that aligns with her vision, contributing to the well-being of those around her.

In Ruth Wewura Guribie, we find a leader who has harnessed the power of business to create economic opportunities, extend the value chain of local commodities, and champion natural beauty. Her journey exemplifies the potential of entrepreneurship to uplift communities and build sustainable, purpose-driven brands.

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