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Ruby Russell | USA | Revolutionizing Bed-Making

Updated: Jan 26

Inventor | Entrepreneur | Founder

Ruby Russell, an entrepreneur, carries the torch of her entrepreneurial parents and has forged her own path with RR Distinctive Beddings. Her story begins with a simple yet ingenious solution born out of necessity. Ruby's journey started when her domestic partner faced difficulties in bed due to an injury. His tossing and turning led to a torn-up bed. Ruby, determined to find a solution, used fabric from another bed sheet to extend the top sheet, creating a self-centering design with neatly tucked corners. This marked the inception of RR Distinctive Beddings. Like all entrepreneurs, Ruby faced challenges. However, her perseverance and innovative spirit kept her moving forward. A life-changing moment, triggered by Princess Diana's death, inspired Ruby to reassess her priorities, leading her to relocate to Reno and pursue higher education.

Ruby's company offers 42 different products across 8 lines, including full bed sets, sheets sets, duvet covers, coverlets, and bedspreads. What sets them apart is the patented design that simplifies bed-making. The sheets are self-centering, requiring just one tuck for neat corners. At the age of 85, Ruby's partner's injury became the catalyst for her invention. The fabric extension she created became the foundation for Stayput Beddings. With a patent secured in 2016, Ruby's entrepreneurial journey took a significant leap.

Finding a manufacturer posed a challenge, but Ruby's partner, with an engineering background, translated her ideas onto paper. After a six-month search, they secured a manufacturer in Turkey and fabric in China. Their journey also led them to Portugal, where bespoke embroidery patterns were crafted by Cristina Dos Santos, renowned for designing Alicia Keys' Razor House.

RR Distinctive Beddings earned the CREA award for innovation, placing Ruby alongside distinguished figures like Elon Musk and Kamala Harris. Additionally, the American Council of the Blind accredited Stayput Beddings for its innovative and accessible design. Ruby's personal experience with cataract surgery, which left her legally blind in one eye, led her to research the challenges faced by blind individuals. The self-centering feature of Stayput Beddings proved to be a game-changer for the blind, earning accreditation as "accessible beddings."

Ruby envisions expanding her offerings, including a dorm line for college students and a children's line with an accompanying book on sleep. RR Distinctive Beddings aims to make bed-making stress-free for everyone, emphasizing the importance of comfort and quality sleep. Ruby Russell's story is one of resilience, innovation, and a commitment to enhancing the daily lives of individuals through thoughtful design. RR Distinctive Beddings is not just changing the way people make their beds; it's transforming the way the world sleeps.

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