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Rosalind Kainyah MBE | United Kingdom | Catalyst For Positive Change

NED | Strategic Advisor & Speaker on Sustainability | Risk Management

Governance | Law | Former VP (FTSE) | Managing Director, Kina Advisory

Meet Rosalind Kainyah, a powerhouse in the realm of sustainability and strategic advisory. As a seasoned professional with over 30 years of international experience, Rosalind has seamlessly blended her roles as a Non-Executive Director, Strategic Advisor, and Speaker on Sustainability. A dynamic leader, Rosalind has chaired Governance, Remuneration, Nominations, and Sustainability Board committees, bringing her wealth of knowledge to the forefront of decision-making. Her expertise extends to Risk Management, Governance, and Law, making her a versatile force in the corporate landscape. In her advisory capacity, Rosalind has become a trusted confidante to Boards and Senior Executives of global companies, offering insights into Sustainability and responsible business practices. Her mission is clear: to ensure companies not only thrive financially but also leave positive socioeconomic impacts on the countries they operate in. Rosalind's advisory portfolio spans diverse sectors, including energy (both conventional and renewable), oil & gas, mining, private equity, financial services, healthcare, agriculture, consumer goods, real estate, manufacturing, logistics, chemicals, and technology. Her global footprint encompasses projects across Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, North & South America, Asia, and the South Pacific.

Having qualified as a member of the Bar of England and Wales, Rosalind's journey began as an environmental lawyer. She provided counsel to international organizations and governments on environmental policy and legislation. Her professional trajectory includes roles at esteemed entities such as Linklaters, De Beers Group Diamond Trading Company, and Tullow Oil plc.

The birth of Kina Advisory in 2014 marked a significant milestone in Rosalind's career. As the founder and Managing Director, she leads a sustainability consultancy that focuses on advising companies operating in Africa. Kina Advisory provides strategic advice and practical assistance, unlocking optimal and sustainable value for companies, countries, and communities.

Rosalind's commitment to sustainability and social impact has garnered recognition. She was honored with an MBE in 2014 for her services to CSR, specifically benefiting the youth in Africa. Her accolades include being named one of the top 50 leading female professionals by Cranfield University and featuring on Forbes Afrique Magazine's list of 100 influential women on the African continent.

With a rich tapestry of experience, Rosalind is not just a professional; she's a force for positive change. Her current roles include Non-Executive Directorships, Advisory positions, and chairing committees at esteemed organizations like discoverIE Group plc, Actis, Gem Diamonds Limited, and more. Rosalind's influence extends beyond boardrooms. She is a member of the Duke Corporate Education's Global Educator Network, contributing to the ESG Leadership Academy. Her commitment to education also shines through her role in sustainability courses for African businesses.

As a speaker on Sustainability, Rosalind demystifies complex concepts, making them accessible for businesses of all sizes. She is not just an advisor; she is an ambassador for sustainability, empowering African business leaders to find solutions to local and global challenges.

In her journey, Rosalind has not only shaped boardrooms but has been a catalyst for positive change, embodying the spirit of leadership with integrity and credibility. Engaging with Rosalind is not just a professional choice; it's an investment in a sustainable and impactful future.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Rosalind Kainyah MBE

Instagram: rosalind.kainyah


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