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Robert Augustus Abban | Ghana | My Career Trajectory

CEO - Rob Multimedia (Rob Photography) | Entrepreneur | Photographer | Creative Director

I believe using my camera lens, I am able to separate human life into a collection of moments, each of which has the meaning of a full lifetime. I often ask myself - how can I set a more meaningful vision that inspires everyone, me and people I crossed paths with. Also as a leader what are my top areas of improvement. Sometimes listening carefully is just enough. Everyone wants to feel essential, so a little kind gesture goes a long way by treating people with respect behind and beyond my camera lenses.

My career in photography took off when I realized there is no limit to the value of goods that can be created or transmitted through continuous refinement of art, tempered by my own imperfection and desire to achieve new heights of personal interest. I enrolled at Zepto Professional Training Institute, Accra – Ghana, where I studied photography full time with a high degree of concentration and determination. That is when I fell in love with photography and married it. After acquiring the fundamentals of photography education, I graduated and became a renowned talented photographer. I later founded Rob Multimedia in Accra to provide professional photography services for events, celebrations, weddings, blogging, tourism, and journalism. Too many people, considering the multitude of available resources, never make an effort to try anything different. However, I tend to differ; after my internship at Solid Multimedia. I was motivated to apply for a vacant position as acting head of media.

As the media head, I solely focused on promotion for E-Jam Records in 2011. When Sarkodie, D Cryme, Chemphe, and Eno Barony were signed to the label - I spearheaded the promotion team. I have been blessed to have a track record of collaborating with other notable figures. The rest is history. Working as the official photographer for Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, CEO of Despite Group of Companies, on his birthday donations boosted my reputation and personality in this space, propelling me into the corporate space as a professional photographer.

I am blessed to be named, won and recognized for my work in this space. Examples are:

- Named the 2019 Best Event Photographer of the Year.

- Won IPA Awards as the Best International Photographer.

- 2021 & 2022 (Won Best Events Photographer at GSH - Ghana Style Awards)

- In 2021 GhanaMusicAwards USA Honoured me for my support and contribution to the Ghana Music Industry.

I was recently brought on as the official photographer and collaborator for Ghana Music Awards UK, Ghanamusic Awards USA and one of Ghana’s leading Tour Agencies, Kayatours. Thankfully, I have a reputable brand that thrives on observing inclusiveness by creating a safe and open space or environment, listening to my client's overall vision when they walk in, respecting kindness, never undermining people you meet and looking beyond my comfort zone.

Speaking of comfort zones, I had to step out to take on projects that were beyond my wildest dream. I often count my blessings. Examples such as; Ghana Music Awards UK, Ghana FIFA Awards 2018, Rapperholic, Bhim Concert 2018, Kaya Tour, 3Music Awards, and Afrima Awards as the lead photographer, And I am often seen with BET award-winning artist Stonebwoy and radio personality Abeiku Santana.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

When I first started, I trusted people a whole lot and that did not help my career trajectory. But later, I recognized what was holding me back and I had to cut ties with some and also connect with like-minded individuals who buy into my vision and mindset.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

Focus on your dreams and work relentless towards them

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @robphotographgh

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