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Ray Phillips | USA | The SoapSox Story

SoapSox CEO & Co-Founder | The LoudCup | Board Member | Start-up Advisor | Brand Builder

Meet Ray Phillips, a man on a mission to make bath time a joy for kids everywhere. With a background in child and family therapy, Ray saw a unique challenge: many children dreaded bath time, experiencing significant anxiety. Determined to find a solution, Ray co-founded SoapSox in 2011, transforming bath time from a chore into a delightful adventure. Picture this: a plush toy that doubles as a washcloth. This innovative idea sprang to life in Ray’s mind while he was working at a residential treatment facility for children. He noticed that the kids were more relaxed when they had something familiar and comforting to hold onto during their baths. So, he created SoapSox—a cuddly companion that can also be filled with soap, making baths both fun and functional.

SoapSox didn’t just capture the hearts of children; it caught the attention of investors and the media. Ray’s appearance on "Shark Tank" may not have ended with a deal, but it certainly put SoapSox on the map. The exposure propelled the company to new heights, leading to partnerships with big names like Disney, Hasbro, and Sesame Street. These collaborations brought beloved characters to the SoapSox lineup, making the brand even more irresistible.

Under Ray’s leadership, SoapSox has expanded its product range, offering everything from playful bath mitts to adorable plush companions like Jackson the Whale. The brand's mission is simple: to turn bath time into playtime, ensuring that every child can look forward to their nightly routine.

But Ray’s entrepreneurial journey doesn’t stop there. He has also been a key player in other ventures, such as The LoudCup, where he led brand development and market strategy. His diverse experiences in mental health, business development, and brand building have all contributed to his success story.

Ray’s journey is one of innovation, resilience, and a heartfelt commitment to making life better for children. SoapSox stands as a testament to his creativity and determination, transforming a mundane task into a magical experience. From anxious beginnings to bubbly success, Ray Phillips and SoapSox are proof that a great idea, driven by passion and purpose, can change the world—one bath at a time.

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