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Quateshia (Keisha) Green Agyapong | USA & Ghana | Fire Within

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Author | Mentor | Philanthropist | Diversity Advocate | Speaker

International Developer | Certified Life Coach

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Syracuse, New York, a young girl named Quateshia, lovingly known as Keisha, began her extraordinary journey. Born and raised in the heart of America, Keisha defied the odds stacked against her from the very start. Life took an unexpected turn for Keisha in 2013 when a tragic car accident left her a bilateral amputee. But instead of letting this define her, Keisha rose from the ashes like a phoenix, determined to rewrite her story and make a difference in the world. With an unwavering spirit and boundless resilience, Keisha embarked on a mission to advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equality, not just in her hometown but across continents. This mission led her to the vibrant country of Ghana, where she found her calling as a bilateral amputee advocate.

In Ghana, Keisha saw an opportunity to cultivate change in the disability community and culture. Drawing from her own experiences as a wheelchair user, she became a beacon of hope for those facing similar challenges. Through her work as a public figure, speaker, entrepreneur, and developer, Keisha tirelessly championed accessibility in lifestyle, transportation, and housing. One of Keisha's driving beliefs is that physical disability should never equate to mental disability—a notion often misunderstood by society. She envisioned a world where everyone, regardless of age or ability, could thrive in a community that embraced inclusivity wholeheartedly.

With this vision in mind, Keisha founded the Loving Legs Foundation and Ghana Gives, organizations dedicated to empowering individuals and communities in Africa. Through these initiatives, she not only provided essential support but also adopted over 60 children in Ghana's Eastern Region, becoming a mother figure to many. Keisha's impact extended far beyond the borders of Ghana. As a certified life coach, she empowered women worldwide to harness the power of their minds and embrace their innate abilities. Her message was clear: no disability could extinguish the fire within, and every woman had the potential to be a boss in her own right.

Despite facing adversity at every turn, Keisha remained steadfast in her belief that she was limitless, not limbless. She refused to let society's limitations define her, inspiring others to break free from the constraints imposed upon them.

So, as Keisha continues to pave the way for a more inclusive and compassionate world, let us remember her words: "Ramp It" and build a future where everyone is included, empowered, and celebrated for their unique abilities. For in the story of Quateshia Green Agyapong, we find not just a trailblazer, but a true beacon of hope and resilience for us all.

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