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Prince Ntiamoah Boampong | Ghana | Learning From Failures & Building On Successes

Pastor | Entrepreneur | Mentor | Speaker

Director & Co- Founder - Operations Global - Oxford Africa Women Leadership Institute- OAWLI

I began my early life in Effiduasi, a serene town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Life was quiet, but I had grand dreams. Convincing my mother to invest in my potential, she took me, her youngest of six children, to Kumasi, the bustling capital of the Ashanti Region. Fueled by a desire to make my mother, a dedicated trader, proud, I devoted myself to my studies. My hard work paid off when I emerged as one of the top students in my junior high school. This achievement earned me admission to Opoku Ware Secondary School, one of Ghana's most prestigious institutions. After completing secondary school, I continued my education at the University of Ghana, majoring in Sociology and minoring in History. My academic journey didn’t stop there; I pursued an MA in Marketing Strategy at the University of Ghana Business School.

My entrepreneurial journey began post-university when a friend and I co-founded our first company, a media empire. We specialized in developing websites and IT solutions. While we experienced some success, our youthful exuberance led to unnecessary expenses that challenged our operations.

My greatest strengths lie in Marketing, Strategy, and Negotiations. Currently, I'm engrossed in reading "Money Health" by Albert Nii Ayi Tagoe, which offers insightful perspectives on financial well-being.

Transitioning into the telecommunications sector, I worked with RNI to represent Vodafone Ghana in the Central Region. During our contract period, we stabilized the sale of airtime and chips in the region.

My entrepreneurial spirit then led me to create businesses in construction, commodities, media, and tourism. Most recently, I co-founded the Oxford Africa Women Leadership Institute, headquartered in Accra, Ghana, which supports women-led businesses across Africa.

In business, I believe in seizing every opportunity, learning from failures, and building on successes. Failing fast and forward is crucial for sustainable success. Regardless of your background, the world holds a place for your success. Integrity will guide you to your destination. Think big and bold.

In 2015, I was ordained as a pastor, and I've been privileged to preach the gospel in many places. I am blessed with a supportive wife and three wonderful children.

My journey is a testament to the power of dreams, resilience, and integrity. From growing up in a small town to taking on influential roles in business and faith, my story is meant to inspire you to pursue your passions and trust in the journey, no matter where you start.

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