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Nasra Mohamed | Kenya | Self-Regulate

Founder | Counselling Psychologist | Director

My name is Nasra Mohamed, I am a counselling psychologist, member of the Kenya psychology and counselling Association. Founder and director of a digitally based counselling service known as fruition_consult on Instagram. It’s also a workplace mental health wellbeing consultancy firm. I have a bachelor’s degree in counselling psychology and a MA in Project Planning and Management from The University of Nairobi. At fruition_consult, I offer one on one talk therapy, life coaching services, general mental health wellbeing, stress, major life changes, life/work balance and family issues. All these services are done online.

As a workplace mental health wellbeing consultant, we help organizations to build a thriving healthy culture in the organization. This is done through training and consulting on identifying and responding to mental health issues in the workplace to ensure that the workers have a safe environment in their place of work. This results in the mental health wellbeing of employees thus, optimizing resilience and performance. Create a strong relationship between managers and their employees, through conflict resolution training at work and better communication skills. Training managers to be better leaders through empathy and compassion for their workers. This leads to worker retention, safer work environment and a healthier more productive culture in the organization.

Growing up I had a fairly good childhood, my parents were staunch supporters of getting an education, even though they never got any formal education themselves, they made sure that my siblings and I got it. And for that I’m forever grateful. Being from a minority community it was a great advantage to achieve such support from my family.

I am also a founder and director of ROHO foundation, a community-based organization that caters for the advocacy of mental health awareness in underprivileged communities and schools. At ROHO, we advocate for community wellbeing through training of community leaders and volunteers on identifying mental health problems among their members and to provide a space for support and solidarity. We also do pad drives for the provision of sanitary towels to schools in rural communities.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

My biggest hurdle in my career is getting a degree in psychology, unfortunately getting hired after graduating a decade ago was impossible, because in Kenya mental health problems rife in our country. The government isn’t doing much about it. And so, employment for mental health workers is almost nonexistent. For a very long time I had trouble with my career choice and there’s a point in my life I almost gave up. But my passion for mental health was very strong, and passion is such a strong urge. I persevered and created a niche for myself, and I’ve been fortunate enough to help people along the way and that’s truly one of my biggest achievements so far.

What books are you currently reading?

I am an avid reader, and I’m currently reading TRANSCENDENT KINGDOM, by Yaa Gyasi.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

There’s one piece of advice I will tell the youth of this world, things do get tough, and people fail, but you have to learn how to self-regulate your feelings. Failing is part of growth, it’s a second chance to try another route. Don’t let it deny you the opportunity to be great. Have a vision, write down those visions and start. You are here on this earth for a purpose, your uniqueness is the icing on the cake. I am passionate about community development through their mental health wellbeing.

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Instagram: @fruition_consult @roho_foundation


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