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Nancy Pearl Agyapong | Ghana | Look Beyond

Registered Nurse | Social Media Manager | Special Needs Teacher | Midwife Student

My name is Nancy Pearl Agyapong. The first of five children I’m a trained and a registered nurse in Ghana. I do social media management on the side and a special needs teacher as well. I’m currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in midwifery.

What were the biggest initial hurdles re: your career and how did you overcome them?

My initial huddles and most toughest was the point where I had to leave home to a different environment due to work. After my nursing training, my posting assignment from the government was delayed for a while and I just couldn’t wait on the government any longer. Luckily, I got a job opportunity via a recommendation somewhere else and I decided to take it up. I was in Kumasi but I needed to move to Accra because of the new role. I had to leave home. I had to leave my family behind and relocate to Accra to start all over. It was tough, really! But I had to and I’m so glad I did.

What book are you currently reading?

So mid last year, I started an initiative called ‘Read a Book a Week’ where I challenged myself to read a book every week. I had some friends joining and then we kick started. We read a little over 30 books in 2021, ranging from relationships to time management and financial management. I mean, we read everything wholesome.

I have had some more friends joining this year. As the number grew, I had some complaints from some of them about their inability to complete a book within a week. So, I decided to adjust the time so we could make the most out of the books. There was no need to rush! So now, we are doing a book every two weeks. The book we are reading currently is from Leland Ryken with the title, ‘’Redeeming the time’’. It’s such an amazing book that I would recommend it to everyone. The book talks about self discipline and time management.

Advice to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

The advice I can give to every youth everywhere is that they should persevere. They should intentionally persevere in every aspect. Putting your mind to doing something might be easier than maintaining it. They should look for avenues to invest in themselves. They should seize every opportunity to invest themselves and prepare themselves for every occasion. I will borrow a line from Mrs Elsie Addo Awadzi, “They should become the perfect individuals for the job”.

I’m currently volunteering for two companies, one is a scholarship group and then another is a christian leadership training NGO. As long as they can, they should volunteer. Lastly, they should read. They should read everything. You may not know where and when you will need what you read.

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