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Mz Dru | Ghana & UK | Focus On Your Own Journey

Media Personality | Presenter | Voice Over Artist | Host/MC

Youth Empowerment Advocate | Travel Blogger Interestingly, my journey hasn’t come to an end and I’m still going through the motions. I haven’t reached where I want to be yet but I am grateful for the stops, bumps, relocating , getting lost and the smooth roads my journey of life has provided me. My name is Mz Dru formerly known as Drusilla Lartey. I am a Media Personality on tv /radio/ social media. I have a passion for travelling and showing people the beautiful gems of Africa on my YouTube channel and when I get the chance I go back to my first love hosting events. I am based in Ghana; a British born Ghanaian. I was born and raised in North West London. I started my career in the UK just after University (De Montfort University) on Bang Radio which is now known as the Beat London as a co-host of the drive time show. I also hosted numerous live events such as Miss Ghana UK and Burna Boy's UK concert in the O2 as well as a red carpet for the Ghana Music Award UK, Black Women In Excellence Awards, and many more. I live by the Mz Dru mantra which is to chase your dreams whilst living your best life and that’s all I do, I haven’t reached the end and the road really hasn’t been easy but because it’s what I love I never really get tired of doing it.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

Hmmm I guess ultimately the biggest hurdle is getting others to believe in you to give you an opportunity to show them your talent in the first place or even getting people to understand your passion to the point where they are willing to take the risk to believe in you! I overcame this by just not giving up! You can’t give up like I said you chase those dreams and make sure you enjoy the journey whilst doing it, embrace all the hurdles because it not only makes you stronger but you appreciate the end goal so much more .I have a deep relationship with God so my secret is prayer! I pray a lot, so for me I just never stop praying until something new happens…

What books are you currently reading?

Sadly I don’t get to read as much as I used to but currently I’m reading a book called Bamboozled by Jesus by Yvonne Orji Lol this woman just reminds me of myself and honestly I can really relate to her story! Seeing her now and even reading about her journey just gives me more hope that if I don’t give up before I know it I’ll be dancing from rooftops living even deeper in my purpose.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

The only advice I will give to anyone anywhere is find your talent, your gift that God gave you and turn that into your passion. That one thing that you know you can do with ease or the thing you enjoy doing soo much you wouldn’t even mind not getting paid because you genuinely love it so much , give that thing the most attention and soon you’ll start making money from it and that will be a bonus!

Don’t let the spirit of comparison get you, focus on your own journey because you never really know what someone had to do to get to where they are now and more times you don’t even want to know! The only competitor you have is yourself so focus on being the best version of you and just enjoy the journey with a positive mindset Social Media Handles: Twitter: MzDru Instagram: MzDru_ Facebook : Mz Dru Email: SoundCloud: YouTube: Mz Dru Tv Website: LinkedIn: Drusilla Lartey


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