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Moses Brentu Arthur | Ghana | Just DREAM

Entrepreneur | Philanthropist | CEO

My name is Moses Brentu Arthur. I like to describe myself as a young and daring African; totally out of my comfort zone living an epic vision for Africa. Three values define my personality: visionary, daring, and being out of my comfort zone. Vision is the distinguishing platform amongst men, it is that which causes men to perish as seen in the scriptures that where there is no vision, the people perish in the book of proverbs. Hence my visionary and daring journey into business entrepreneurship started when I was in my sophomore year in the University, I started a business that was called Parah deliveries and Coinbase which was then going to focus on deliveries with dispatch bikes and then cryptocurrency, at the time bitcoin was very cheap; Fast forward that business failed (I touch on this extensively in my first book The Entrepreneur’s Journey: An Ideal Start-Up Guide), but I was not a failure because I understand that when driving to the house of success one will drive pass by the house of failure. Like any growing visionary and entrepreneur, in 2017 whiles completing the university, I started Lush Group LLC. Lush Group LLC is a diversified and fully integrated conglomerate. Lush Group started business in 2017 as a Private Limited Liability Company specializing in social media management, digital advertising, e-marketing, and human capital development via our flagship conference: Entrepreneurship Hub. Since then, it has rapidly developed into a fully-fledged, diversified business with a stake in a wide range of business sectors including agribusiness, real estate, new media technologies, bouquet media services of photography and videography, charity, and humanitarian endeavors. The Group’s interests span this range of sectors across Ghana, Nigeria, and Dubai.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

Speaking of hurdles, I have had to deal with a few of them. Like I have always said, what you don’t know is darker than the night. In business and doing anything in life you need to learn to ask the right questions in the right places from the right people to get the right outcome. The Akan’s have a proverb that says “Obisafo nyera kwan” meaning the guy who asks for directions doesn’t miss his way. There have been many hurdles, but I will touch on just one. My initial biggest hurdle was PEOPLE. I was constantly worried about the people who support my vision, their output level, their commitment, etc. until I decided to have a sit down with my father in the Lord, Dr. Obed Obeng-Addae who aside from being a pastor runs Cosmopolitan TV as the Founder and CEO. I realized after our discussion, the problem was not them but rather me, they reflected me, hence I needed to do certain things for them to learn from me, I needed to be more selfless and take care of them, so they take care of the vision.

Five years down the line in authoring my second book: Understanding Systems Thinking: The Modern Art of Building Learning Organizations, I have grown to understand that companies succeed when the people’s dreams are echoed in the personal aspirations of their leaders when leaders abandon their ego to fulfill the hopes of the company and achieve great things when power within the organization is used as a means to cement the people's desires, and not simply as an end unto itself. I have learned by experience that when it comes to people, YOU DON’T BUILD A BUSINESS, YOU BUILD A TEAM. LEADERS BUILD PEOPLE. PEOPLE BUILD TEAMS. TEAMS DEVELOP CULTURES, CULTURES CREATE A TEAM.

What books are you currently reading?

As an avid reader and knowledge merchant I am currently feasting on several books namely

- The seven pillars of wisdom: Dr. Obed Obeng-Addae

- Deshi Basara: Dr. Omane Okrah

- Never split the difference: Chris Voss

- Africapitalism: Rethinking the role of business in Africa

- I will teach you to be rich: Ramit Sethi

- And of course, my books

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

Invest in yourself and importantly your MIND. Knowledge is the new high. Take a personal vow like I did when I was 14 years, to be committed to lifelong learning and have an open mind and approach it that way towards everything you do. Your mind is a very fertile garden, it will produce for you fruits of what you sow into it, hence be mindful of who and what you listen to and watch, who and what you keep around your environment. Always remember as well that your aura (how you appear and smell) will open doors for you, then content will give you a seat at the table hence building capacity, after which execution is what will make your stay at the table hence don’t just DREAM, make sure you DARE and DO.

Social Media:

President & Chief Executive at

Lush Group LLCA

Nii Dwenho Street, East Legon


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