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Mizinga Melu | Zambia | Creating Positive Change

Award winning Bank Managing Director & CEO, Board Member,

Author & Founder of When Females Lead!

Mizinga Melu stands as a beacon of success in the banking industry, with a remarkable track record that spans both accolades and global leadership. Currently serving as the CEO of Absa Bank Zambia Limited, she has earned the distinction of being an award-winning CEO, securing Best CEO honors an impressive 15 times, including the esteemed 2023 BEST CEO SADC award. With a wealth of experience, Mizinga Melu has steered the course of diverse banks globally, showcasing her seasoned expertise as a banker. Her influence extends across the African continent, where she has not only managed banks in various countries but has also played a pivotal role in the global business of microfinance across both Asia and Africa. Her strategic acumen in business development and transformation strategies has established her as a true expert in her field.

Mizinga's diverse portfolio includes invaluable experience working with the World Bank, Multilateral, and Global Development Organizations. Her involvement and impact in these spheres underline her commitment to contributing on a global scale. Beyond her corporate endeavors, Mizinga Melu has demonstrated her literary prowess as an award-winning author. Her memoir, "Braving the Odds," delves into the realms of finance, banking, and perseverance, resonating with a wide audience. The book's success is evident, available not only in international bookstores but also accessible online, reaching readers around the world.

In addition to her professional and literary achievements, Mizinga Melu is a compassionate advocate for mentorship and the well-being of children. She is the visionary founder of "When Females Lead," an organization dedicated to mentoring young girls and supporting vulnerable children, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the boardroom.

Mizinga's influence extends to various international and local boards, where her strategic insights and leadership contribute to shaping impactful decisions. Her multifaceted roles underscore her commitment to excellence, empowerment, and creating positive change in the realms of banking, leadership, and community support. Mizinga Melu continues to inspire others with her remarkable journey and unwavering dedication to success, mentorship, and philanthropy.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Mizinga Melu

Instagram: @mizingamelu


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