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Mitchell Thayne | USA | Hidden Gem

Creative Entrepreneur | Content Creator | Founder: FilmLaab

Mitchell Thayne, a creative entrepreneur, began his journey into the world of content creation at a young age, directing and capturing epic family videos that brought joy to those around him. Despite not considering himself creative initially, Mitchell's perspective shifted after high school when he discovered his passion for photography while awaiting an LDS service mission in Cape Town, South Africa.

His journey continued as he explored freelance opportunities, realizing his talent could be both fulfilling and financially rewarding. Seeking to break through creative limitations, Mitchell co-founded Avenue Film Co. with Jackson Averett, leading to business growth and collaborations with clients across Utah.

A subsequent acquisition by tech company Route led to the establishment of a content/media department. In 2021, Mitchell pursued his latest venture, FilmLaab, a film collective in Salt Lake City partnering with innovative brands and creatives. Mitchell attributes his success to hard work, prayers, and a supportive network, acknowledging the challenges and uncertainties that come with entrepreneurship.

FilmLaab distinguishes itself by creating high-quality, visually stunning experiences that elevate brands. Mitchell's journey underscores the importance of luck, from being raised in an entrepreneurially minded family to embracing photography just as it gained popularity.

His joy lies not only in creative fulfillment but also in the relationships he has built throughout his remarkable journey.

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