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Michel Jean | Canada | Catalyst For Change

Writer | Journalist | Storyteller

Michel Jean, a proud member of the Innu community of Mashteuiatsh, is more than just a writer and journalist – he's a storyteller on a mission to preserve Indigenous history and culture. Through his gripping novels like "Le vent en parle encore," "Atuk, elle et nous," and "Kukum," Michel delves deep into the lives of his ancestors, shedding light on the profound changes they endured, from forced sedentary lifestyles to the traumas of Indian Residential schools.

His passion for storytelling transcends boundaries. He writes for Indigenous people, so they feel proud of their history, and he writes for non-Indigenous people, to give them a point of access to the First Peoples' perspective. For Michel, each book is a catalyst for change, a step towards a more inclusive and understanding world.

Beyond his literary endeavors, Michel is a prominent figure in Canadian journalism. As the weekend anchor of TVA Nouvelles on TVA, he brings his depth of insight and storytelling prowess to the screen. Previously, he graced the airwaves as an anchor for TVA's newsmagazine JE and the 24-hour news channel RDI.

Michel's literary repertoire is as diverse as it is captivating. From "Envoyé spécial" to "Qimmik," each novel offers a glimpse into the complexities of human experience. His magnum opus, "Kukum," a poignant portrayal of his own Innu great-grandmother's life, garnered widespread acclaim, earning him the prestigious Prix France-Québec in 2020. The novel's victory in the esteemed Le Combat des livres competition further solidified Michel's reputation as a master storyteller.

In recognition of his literary contributions, Susan Ouriou received a nomination for the Governor General's Award for French to English translation for her work on "Kukum." As Michel continues to captivate readers and illuminate Indigenous narratives, his impact resonates far beyond the pages of his books, fostering empathy, understanding, and appreciation for Indigenous heritage.

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