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Michael Oscar Esio | Nigeria & Ghana | Foster Collaboration

People, Programs & Partnerships Manager

Expertise in Research, Video Games, and Immersive Media Industry | Creative Entrepreneur

Meet Michael Oscar Esio, a dynamic force in the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and community development. With over six years of experience in the Games and Tech industry, Michael has honed his skills in entrepreneurship, business development, partnerships, and community building. As a People, Programs, and Partnerships Manager, Michael thrives on building connections and driving impactful initiatives. Whether he's leading the development of innovative digital solutions like the Wala Digital Health tribe app to address critical healthcare challenges or mapping creative studios across Africa to foster collaboration, Michael is dedicated to making a difference.

A true advocate for the African creative industry, Michael volunteers his time to mentor startup founders, contribute articles on industry trends, and champion initiatives promoting talent recruitment and technology adoption.

Michael's journey has been marked by notable achievements, from organizing Africa's premier games industry event to being recognized as a NEXTGEN leader by the IGDA Foundation. His recent role as Content Partnerships Manager at TikTok further showcases his expertise in identifying and nurturing talent while driving strategic initiatives.

Notably, Michael's impact extends beyond the tech sector.

As the People/Programs Coordinator at Africacomicade, he serves as a catalyst for African digital creatives, providing access to job opportunities, funding, and learning resources. His leadership at Wala Digital Health and demonstrates his commitment to leveraging technology for social good, addressing issues like blood shortages and promoting local tea producers.

Throughout his journey, Michael remains grounded in his mission to empower communities through technology and innovation. Whether he's mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs or leading workshops on product development, Michael's passion for creating positive change shines through.

As we celebrate Michael's achievements, we're inspired by his unwavering dedication to building a more inclusive and prosperous future for all. Join us in applauding his remarkable journey and the impact he continues to make.

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