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Mark Wiens | USA | Unveiling Culinary Wonders, One Bite at a Time!

Full-Time Eater | Food Blogger, Food Video Host, Author of the Eating Thai Food Guide

Speaker | Content Creator

Mark's journey began crisscrossing the globe—from France to Congo, Kenya to the United States. He developed a passion for travel and diverse cultures at an early age, shaping his worldview. A TEFL Certified English Teacher and a Global Studies Graduate from Arizona State University. Fueling his curiosity, Mark embarked on a global exploration, documenting his adventures through

What started as a blog to share experiences evolved into a captivating journey of local immersion. Mark's love for diverse cuisines led to co-founding, focusing on savoring the essence of Thai cuisine beyond recipes.

His passion culminated in the Eating Thai Food Guide, a comprehensive resource for gastronomic enthusiasts. Mark's work has been featured on, Mabuhay Magazine, and he contributes to As a freelance writer, his insights into Thai food have gained acclaim, establishing him as a notable figure in the culinary world.

Since 2009, Mark's has been a hub for travel narratives, cultural insights, and tantalizing street food encounters. It not only showcases his adventures but also inspires others to pursue their passions. Mark transitioned seamlessly into video content, becoming a renowned food vlogger. His YouTube channel captures global culinary delights, making him one of the most popular food vloggers.

In 2019, he co-founded เผ็ดมาร์ค (Phed Mark), a Bangkok restaurant celebrated for its phat kaphrao. Mark's influence extends to television as the host of the HBO Asia series "Food Affair with Mark Wiens" (2022). The show, in collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, delves into Singaporean cuisine. Mark's multicultural journey also shaped his family life.

He met his wife, Ying, while teaching English in Thailand, and they share a deep love for exploration. Their son, born in 2016, is growing up surrounded by a rich tapestry of cultures.

🔗 Connect with Mark: For Mark, it's more than just documenting; it's about connecting with people.

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Instagram: @migrationology

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