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Madison Kvaltin | Canada | Holistic & Mindful Movement

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Miss Universe Canada | Changemaker: Community Leader | Entrepreneur

Madison Kvaltin is an accomplished Pageant Title holder. After winning Miss North Ontario 2016 at 18 years old she then took the title to win Miss Intercontinental Canada the same year. Madison also recently competed at Miss Universe Canada in 2022, placing first runner up taking home the title of Miss International Canada 2022. She then competed at Miss International in Japan, placing in the top 8. Madison attended Queen’s university to obtain her Bachelor of honours in Sociology and Business, pushing for her entrepreneurial spirit. Madison now owns a Marketing and Web Development company; and an athletic company called Skilla Athletics that promotes healthy body confidence and the celebration of our bodies with movement. Madison is a strong believer that looks fade, but the impression and impact you make on the world can last a lifetime! 

Madison’s proudest personal accomplishment has to be the pursuit of my business Skilla Athletics. Skilla is a brand rooted in exposing the exercise realm and promoting the use of exercise for its holistic benefits beyond changing them to fit societal norms. With this brand, she is promoting body confidence and body acceptance, and the use of movement to celebrate our bodies. As of right now, she is actively teaching all bodies, regardless of shape, size, colour, age, etc., on how to build body confidence and provide our bodies with the fuel it needs! After struggling with an eating disorder in her youth, Madison’s goal has been to teach people how to build a beautiful relationship with food and fueling one's body. 

Madison has launched her Body Confidence community called “The Body Love Club”. This community will continue to empower others through her body confidence seminars, mental health walks to promote community and mindful movement, in addition to offering free self dense classes. The goal of the community is to expand reach across Canada and globally. Teaching all bodies to love and fuel themselves! 

 Pageantry has taught me the value of not being the loudest in the room, but being the most intentional in my present authentic self. It’s not easy to stand on stage and feel like every inch of you, to who you are on the inside is being judged. Pageantry teaches you that your light inside and drive for change is the most beautiful ideal in the world. Looks fade, but the impact you leave on the world can last a lifetime. It also highlights the importance of not only being informed, but using our positions of power to advocate for change. Pageants no longer reflect pure beauty and ideal bodies. Pageantry celebrates our uniqueness and how we are pushing to make the world a better place. It’s not enough to just be a pretty face. 

I compete for the young girl that used to think she was never enough. I began my pageant journey scared to share my story because I felt like people would judge me, or guilt for even worrying about myself and my wellness in general. But I use pageantry as a platform to showcase to other young women (and men) that they are not alone in the fight to love, respect and embrace ones self, especially their relationship with their body. 


When I was 16 I was hospitalized for several months as my toxic chase for perfection began to destroy my heart. Even after being discharged, I struggled for years battling my mind and body. Falling to the unrealistic pressures of society to look a certain way. I felt so alone. I felt like everyone (including the medical system) judged me for struggling with "only a mental disorder", devaluing my journey and battle. 

With that I decided to use my voice, share my journey and my battles to advocate for mental health rights and show others that they arent alone. Since 2018 I've been teaching seminars and workshops sharing my journey and teaching young women the skills to love their bodies through all stages of life. Teaching others to celebrate their bodies with movement, find balance in a non-restrictive diet. But most importantly building a community and support system to help anyone who is struggling. I never had support through my healing, and I would have given anything to have someone help or even just understand what I was going through. 

Through my platform of Body Confidence I then launched Skilla Athletics back in 2020 my body confident athletic brand and soon to launch my foundation The Body Love Club. Pageantry pushed me to find my voice and amplifed my dreams of helping others. Body confidence and self love isn't always sunshine and rainbows  but it’s about the journey and learning to respect our bodies for all they do for us.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @madisonkvetlana

TikTok: @madisonkvetlana


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