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Maanda Elizabeth Sianga | Zambia | Leap Of Faith

Award Winning Agronomist | Consultant | Community Leader | Philanthropist | Speaker

Founder of Agro Queens: Mixed Farming: Aquaculture, Livestock & Fresh Vegetables

Meet, Maanda Elizabeth Sianga; an award-winning agronomist and founder of Agro Queens, is making a significant impact in Zambia's agricultural landscape. With a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Mulungushi University, she is a passionate agribusiness consultant specializing in horticulture and aquaculture. Born and raised in Kafue, Lusaka Province, Zambia, Maanda's journey into agriculture began through her family's farming environment. Inspired by Zambeef in 2012, she embraced farming as a way to contribute to her country's economic development and challenge misconceptions about agriculture being solely for the elderly. Starting small in 2014, Maanda worked hard, selling and growing vegetables and tomatoes.

Over the years, she faced challenges, including weather fluctuations and financing, but remained consistent in her efforts. She emphasizes the benefits of farming, such as self-sufficiency, job creation, and community support. Maanda's dedication led her to manage the family business, and in 2019, she founded Agro Queens, a mixed farming entity specializing in aquaculture, livestock, and fresh vegetables.

Her commitment to agriculture earned her recognition as an influencer for various companies, including African Agrovet Z Ltd, Amiran Zambia Limited, Pembe Milling, Syngenta Zambia, and Meet the Farmers.

In 2020, she invested in a fish farming project, aiming to encourage her peers to see agriculture as a solution to economic challenges.

She plans to establish greenhouses, engage in vegetable processing, and conduct workshops to train aspiring farmers. Maanda Elizabeth Sianga: Pioneering Transformation in Zambia through Bold Ventures.

At just 25, Maanda Elizabeth Sianga is a driving force in reshaping Africa's future through agriculture. Her story exemplifies the transformative power of dedication, creativity, and a deep commitment to making a positive impact on communities and economies.

Maanda envisions a thriving agricultural sector led by youth with fresh ideas, advanced technologies, and necessary skills to reduce poverty and ensure food security.

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Maanda is passionate about empowering young people, especially women, to venture into agriculture.

At just 25, Maanda Elizabeth Sianga is cultivating change in Zambia with a Leap of Faith 🌱✨ Embracing agriculture as more than a job,

Social Media Handles:

Facebook: @TYFMaanda

Instagram: @youngfarmermaanda

LinkedIn: Maanda Elizabeth Sianga

Twitter: @theyoungfarmer

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