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Luigi Maclean | Ghana | Touching Lives

Gospel Musician | Songwriter | Philanthropist

Luigi Maclean, a rising force in Ghanaian gospel music, transcends mere melody; his mission is to touch lives with the love and power of God through his profound musical expressions. Signed with Reverb Studios, Luigi has become a noteworthy voice in gospel music, celebrated for his role in mentor Joe Mettle's "Bo Noo Ni." With over 10 years as a tenor backing vocalist in Joe Mettle's LoveGift band, Luigi graces prestigious stages, sharing platforms with renowned ministers. His debut single, "Amazing God," garnered nominations at the 2019 Ghana Music Awards and Africa Gospel Music and Media Awards.

Born into a musical family, Luigi perceives music as a tool for spiritual transformation. His ministry emanates tones of encouragement, hope, and faith, provoking spiritual awakening globally.

Luigi's latest single, "Mi Le," unveils gratitude, a timely reflection on the Lord's invaluable benefits. The song, part of his debut album, marks his first venture into live production, showcasing a collaborative effort with a full band.

Luigi Maclean's musical journey intertwines faith, gratitude, and a commitment to share the gospel's goodness through captivating melodies. 🎶🙏

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