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Linda Ama Segbefia | Ghana | Unique Perspective

Corporate Communications Officer at UBA Ghana | Public Relations (PR)

Event Management | Media Relations | Content Development | Marketing

Linda Ama Segbefia, Corporate Communications Officer at UBA Ghana, blends her passion for nature with a decade-long career in communications. Inspired by the serenity of waterfalls and green landscapes, Linda brings a unique perspective to her role at United Bank of Africa. With a Master's Degree in Public Relations from the University of Media, Arts, and Communications, and a certificate in Corporate Reputation Management from the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana, Linda is well-equipped for her profession. She is also an active member of Women in Public Relations, Ghana, demonstrating her commitment to professional growth and community engagement.

Linda's journey in communications began at Teletech/Vodafone Call Center, where she honed her customer service skills. Over the years, she transitioned to roles of increasing responsibility, including Public Relations Manager at Ogilvy Ghana and Corporate Services Officer at Stratcomm Africa. Her diverse experiences have shaped her into a versatile communications professional adept at internal communications, content development, media relations, and event management.

In her current role at UBA Ghana, Linda oversees internal communications and content development, leveraging her expertise to enhance the bank's corporate reputation and engage stakeholders effectively.

Education has been a cornerstone of Linda's career, starting with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies from the Ghana Institute of Journalism and a Diploma in Communications Studies from the African University College of Communications. She furthered her skills with a Certificate in Web Programming from the National Institute of Information Technology.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Linda is deeply involved in community initiatives and advocacy, reflecting her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the boardroom. Her journey exemplifies resilience, passion, and dedication, inspiring others to pursue their dreams with purpose and determination.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Linda Ama Segbefia

Instagram: @lindasegbefia


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