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Kwame Owusu Danso | Ghana | Community Leadership



An activist is someone who organizes and acts for the purpose of changing a public policy or law to better a community. I am an activist, because I refuse to erase the footsteps of community influencers who came before me and whose cries and screams I still hear. I will not merely accept bare minimum from our leaders. We must be for the future what the trendsetters of the past were for us, and should not settle.

My name is Kwame Owusu Danso, a host of the morning show on Pan Africa TV. If you followed hip-life closely some decade ago and maybe beyond, you should have heard of E-Nice. I was a rapper way back. I could do a chorus to any hip-life beat (Ghanaian music genre). I was part of a hip-life group "Ecko", we broke into the music space with our hit single "Gologolo" which received massive radio airplay back in those days. Moving forward, I reinvented my career from being a rapper, into Television hosting, Advocacy and a Hot Seat Journalist. Ask difficult questions - a rare quality only few Journalist can boasts of and a Lawyer as well).

However, before all that I was once a host on a program called "X-live" aired on TV3. I also graduated from University of London with a Bachelor's Degree in Law (LLB). I am also blessed to have stepped in to help my wife manage her dad's new TV station, into one of the top stations that can compete with the other top brands in the media landscape in Ghana. I also had the opportunity to join the marketing, sales and promotions department, as a manager of the Airtel Ghana team. My transformation is inspiring – from music space to the political space.

What are the hurdles you see our youths are facing?

"I am not too old neither am I too young and certainly I can’t admit to knowing all the problems confronting our dear Nation Ghana, but the trouble in Ghana is simply and squarely a leadership crisis finding its expression in the “volcanic” way of our practice of politics in Ghana. Let me hasten to indicate that there is nothing wrong with Ghanaians, our land, our climate, our water, and our ability to think and do things for ourselves”.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

Choose leaders and mentors who will work in your general and community interest.

Meaning a leader who will find a way of unifying your goals no matter what, or against their personal interest - from a political party standpoint, religion, gender, age, tribe or orientation.

"Open to speaking engagements: conferences and seminars - (USA, Europe, Canada and Australia)"


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