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Justin "Jaye" Vorise | Los Angeles | Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

TV Personality | Author | Marketing Guru | Mental Health Advocate | Entertainment Manager

I was born in San Diego, California, into a large, loving middle-class family. My parents, Lori and Jerome Vorise, were hard-working and very family-oriented. I showed an interest in music at a very early age, thanks to my parents. They exposed me to a variety of music at an early age. As I got older, I took an interest in business and the music industry's artist development process. After my parent's divorce, I moved to Vista, CA, a beautiful suburb about a half hour away, and would visit my mother every weekend. My father and I would have in-depth conversations about album sales and music industry news during my long drive to San Diego. At the age of nine, I discovered my dream job - the role of an A&R - and decided from that day forward that it was my life's goal. I later decided that I would use my role as an A&R as a stepping stone to create and own a subdivision vanity record label.

After graduating from the Digital Media Design program at Kearny High School in 2007, I went on to obtain four college degrees to help me obtain that goal. I received two associate degrees from Palomar College in San Marcos, California - one in Social Science and behaviours and the other in Arts and Humanities. I then went on to get my Bachelor of Science degree in Communications Sales and Marketing, and finally, my MBA in Music Business from Southern New Hampshire University and Berklee Music School.

I has been working independently with artists, including roles such as personal manager, business manager, creative director, and marketing consultant. A few artists that I have worked with include: "NBC The Voice" contestant Jamar Rogers, VH1's "Love and Hip Hop" talent and Trent Crews former artist Trent Crews, and Darrell Simms-an upcoming artist with over two million Soundcloud streams. I am consistently expanding my music industry expertise and wants to help erase the bad stigma attached to the music industry for being unfair to artists. I am releasing an educational Blog/Vlog geared towards up and coming artists to have the tools necessary to be successful before signing to a major record label. I am currently a main cast members on BET reality tv show “After Happily Ever After” and have an untitled doc series coming out early next year.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

Honestly my biggest hurdle was myself. I lacked a lot of confidence especially in regards to my entertainment career. I grew up in a majority white area and was the only darker skin kid in my elementary school for 3 years and got made fun of for the way I looked. I wouldn’t say I was bullied or a victim because I stood up for myself and fought back but it did give me a negative outlook on the way I looked. If you weren’t light skinned in colored eyes then the girls didn’t like you and after awhile it had a negative affect on me. But as I got older I started to understand how racism works and it wasn’t the way I looked that they didn’t like but the color of my skin and the texture of my hair. As I got older and went on to high school where it was more mixture of races I started getting more positive attention on the way I look my confidence started to grow. I would say it took me until my mid twenties to feel good about myself and have the confidence to go out and audition for roles.

Any advice to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

I would recommend just get started as soon as you figure out that this is something you want to do professionally go for it and don’t be afraid to fail. The more audition and roles you go out for the better you’re going to get at auditioning. I would also recommend always work on improving your craft rather it’s taking dance lessons, vocal classes, or working with an acting coach you can never be to good.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @Justinjayeofficial

Twitter: @justinjaye812


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