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Juliet Ike | Nigeria | FROM PAIN TO GAIN

I happen to be the last child of my parents; actually from the family of nine. My upbringing was a mixture of bitter-bitter-sweet and for once I will say I never enjoyed childhood. I didn't also get to enjoy family moments because I dread condemnation.

I was scared whatever I do stays with me because it wasn't safe to share. I held onto a lot of lies, pain, anger and whatever it was I went through. I did not want to appear to others toxic, so rather than share I held it to my heart. I was literally my only best friend because I felt safe to only me and I didn't want anyone into my space. One of the reasons I became a chronic introvert. You are probably wondering what went wrong? Well, I will tell you. I grew up in an African home, a typical one that consists of a "retired soldier" as the husband who to me had no fatherly feelings; quite abusive and I never liked him.

He will curse you at the slightest of any mistake, all of which built an emotional imbalance in me. I was 101% timid because of this, I didn't feel special or important at all and it was so painful. My Mom on the other hand was semi-educated, she had dropped out of school after my father promised her heaven-on-earth and to see her through school only if they got married. She was naive, young and somehow was forced to take the proposal by her family. Sincerely, my mother had wanted to be learned only if she had a pinch of support but the reverse was her case. Initially, she got enrolled into a catering school and even side-hustled knitting of clothes but life they say happened. They had relocated to another part of the country (Nigeria) after my Dad ran from the war; so I will say he did not officially retire, he left because the chaos was too much. He alongside my Mom started trading but they moved out again because the place was unsafe for them as burglars never allowed their store to see the light of the day. It was after I was born alongside my three immediate older siblings; so imagine having all your first-quarter kids raised well, not just by the economic condition but age-gap and livelihood. So now you may have wondered where all my father's problems started from.

Anyway, I am not about to bore you with my family issues, but to share my story with you. So like I said, I never did anything spectacular as a child, all I did was attend church services, shyfully sing boring songs as a member of the children choir, give special numbers (as we call it here) and turn to reading academic books just so I can pass school exams before I face a more terrible music with my father at home. Some thought I was educationally sound but that was a pure LIE. I read only two days before the start of exams, and mostly cramped works as I shakily walked into the exam hall to pour it out. Anyway, that gimmick helped because I never really failed all through school as I received several top awards for my positions. But did all of these go away? No, no! It became worse after I got into school until HEAVEN SHINED ON ME.

On a professional note, my portfolio and experience are:

I use my writing and managerial skills to creatively put words together for both personal and business brands. I can work with you as; Copywriter & Civic Writer, Content Creator, Lead Generator and Project Manager (spearheading unique projects). Some of the brands I have been involved with and still involved: 1. Maverick Skill Hub (MSH):

An Academy for Self-realization, Talent Maximization and learning high-income skills for wealth creation

2. Maka Reliable Source & Consults (MRSConsults):

We are an independent organization that offers excellent human resource and professional services that not only suit your personal brand but as well meets your business needs (productivity and cash-flow).

3. Building Exceptional Skills and Talents (BEST):

We are a Community of Creatives around the world with focus on maximizing our God-given talents, mastering high-income skills and impacting lives. 4. Light Africa Network:

This is also known as (The Lighters Foundation). It's an organization focused on Youths and Sustainable Development. What we do is empower youths mentally, skillfully and resource to ensure that they stay valuable to the dictates of their dreams. 5. Maka Beauty Hub:

A beauty and skincare brand that seeks to meet the physical needs of people as it relates to healthy skin, beauty and elegance.

6. Tea With Juliet:

A lifestyle channel where I share from my wealth of knowledge; ways with which one can live a fulfilled life. It cuts across personal development, emotional intelligence, business, finance and spirituality.

What was your TURNING POINT?

After losing out on my desire to graduate with a 'first class' from the University even after I had devoted my 4years of non-social life to getting a degree and good result by all legal means. I realized I had lost out on what purpose, satisfaction and what fulfillment entails especially with no pre-existing template. In a bid to correct this, I kicked off my journey to intentionally find out God's will so I took time to discover, develop and unleash my potential. All started by simply embracing my talents, learning profitable skills to live purposefully. I am succeeding on that path, today I help creatives whose desire is to achieve similar goals as mine by showing them the ropes to which I've grown. I help them clarify, clear their many doubts, consistently combat impostor syndrome and whatever seems to be a hindrance to living their best life. I help them discover, develop and embrace their divine gift/talent and show them how they can learn profitable skills that enable them to stay productive while on their journey to fulfilling destiny.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

Here is how I can help you;

1. Identify your gift and transform the world with it

2. Use mentoring skills to acquire profitable skills for the NOW & LATER economy

3. Set goals with accountability plan

4. Handle pressures and challenges with emotional intelligence and sound mental health as a creative.

I am OPEN to work or collaborate.

"Kayin me ihe kwesili Kudo we chia!!!"

(Let's do what's expedient for peace to reign)

Reach Me Via:


Contact: +2347015222672/+2348105699322

Facebook: Juliet Ike Linkedin: Juliet Ike Instagram: Unusualjulietike



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