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Judge Rania Sfeir | Canada | Richness of Diversity & Inclusion

Citizenship Judge | Speaker: Communications & Public Relations Professional

Over the last decade, Canada has proudly welcomed over 1.75 million new citizens, and among them is Judge Rania Sfeir. Arriving in Canada in 2003 with her husband and two children from Lebanon, Judge Sfeir became a Canadian citizen in 2009, marking a transformative moment in her life. In an interview with Radio Canada International, where she served as a journalist for a decade, Judge Sfeir reflected on the profound pride she felt during her citizenship ceremony. She emphasized the fulfillment of a dream to change her life and provide the best for her family.

Beyond her citizenship journey, Judge Sfeir is a seasoned communications and public relations professional with over 20 years of experience. Her diverse background includes roles in operations, business development in the private sector, and journalism at renowned institutions such as Société Radio-Canada, Montréal’s CHOU Radio Moyen-Orient, and Future Television in Beirut, Lebanon.

Judge Sfeir holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Lebanese University, Beirut, showcasing her commitment to excellence in her field. Her extensive skills range from project management and strategic planning to teamwork, customer service, and leadership. Currently serving as a Citizenship Judge at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada since June 2018, Judge Sfeir brings her passion, pragmatism, and over 25 years of relevant experience to the role. She actively engages in the analysis of files, holds hearings, and makes informed decisions. Her responsibilities also extend to presiding over citizenship ceremonies, contributing to the celebration of shared values that make Canada a vibrant and inclusive nation. In her various roles, including Director of Operations and Business Development at VIVACLAIR CANADA and as a journalist at Radio-Canada, Judge Sfeir has consistently demonstrated her commitment to excellence, teamwork, and effective communication.

Judge Sfeir's journey is not just one of personal achievement; it is a testament to the richness of diversity and inclusion that is integral to Canadian society. As she eagerly anticipates presiding over her first Citizenship Ceremony, Judge Rania Sfeir continues to be a beacon of inspiration, embodying the values that make Canada a welcoming and thriving nation for all.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Rania Sfeir

Instagram: @Rania Sfeir


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