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Jeanne Marie (Macy) Olalia: The Journey of a Social Media Maven | Canada

Social Media Strategist | CEO - Founder | Director

Meet Jeanne Marie, known to most as Macy, the solution to the “I should really hire someone for my social media” problem. Her journey into the digital world began in 2019, when she started as an influencer. One fateful day, a pharmaceutical company reached out, asking her to manage their social media accounts. Without hesitation, she accepted, and thus began her story in the realm of social media management. In 2020, Macy took a bold step by founding Neat & Social Creative Solutions. This venture started even before it had a name, born from a business owner's trust and Macy’s innate love for creativity and helping others. She didn’t stop there; she pursued formal education in Social Media Marketing, earning her diploma in 2021 from CDI College. This educational foundation fortified her natural skills, enabling her to build a business that now thrives on innovation and strategic thinking. Macy’s professional experience is diverse and rich, reflecting her ability to balance multiple roles seamlessly. As the CEO of Neat & Social Creative Solutions, she has dedicated herself to transforming her clients’ online presence with tailored social media strategies. Since June 2020, Macy has been at the helm of her own company, providing creative solutions and strategic management for various businesses. Between 2020 and 2023, Macy freelanced as a social media manager for multiple companies, enhancing their digital footprints and engagement.

From 2014 to 2023, Macy ensured the proper handling and sterilization of medical devices, showcasing her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to safety. Her career also includes valuable experience as a Sales Assistant at Gap and an HR Assistant at PSBank, roles that honed her customer service and organizational skills.

Macy’s formal education includes a diploma in Social Media Marketing from CDI College and certification in Medical Device Reprocessing from RRC Polytech. She holds several professional certifications, including the Hootsuite Platform Certification and Social Marketing Certification.

A Life of Balance and Passion

Beyond her professional life, Macy is a dedicated wife and mother, skillfully balancing her personal and professional responsibilities. Her passion for social media and commitment to her family make her journey both inspiring and relatable.

Why Choose Macy?

Choosing Macy as a social media manager means unlocking a vibrant and effective online presence for your business. She brings a unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and simplicity to her work, ensuring that collaboration is seamless and results are outstanding.

Macy’s story is a testament to the power of following one’s passion and the impact of combining creativity with strategy. Her journey from influencer to entrepreneur is a compelling narrative of dedication, growth, and success in the digital age.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @neatandsocial

LinkedIn: Jeanne Marie (Macy) Olalia


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