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Jaime Webbe | Canada | Impactful Work

President & CEO at United Nations Association in Canada

Jaime Webbe is the President & CEO at United Nations Association in Canada. With over two decades of experience in the ESG space, she has held positions at prestigious institutions such as the United Nations and World Bank. As the Regional Manager for the UN Climate Convention (UNFCCC) body, the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), Jaime led the Asia-Pacific team in developing and financing climate mitigation and adaptation technologies. Her role involved managing partnerships with governments, the private sector, and indigenous peoples and local communities to identify green growth policies, legislation, and actions.

Throughout her career, Jaime has demonstrated a commitment to advancing sustainability concepts, approaches, and technologies on an international scale. In her current role as President & CEO of the United Nations Association in Canada, she takes pride in leading an historic Canadian civil society organization, representing the UN mission and values in Canada, and promoting Canadians as global citizens.

Jaime's extensive experience includes key positions such as Global Director, Climate Change and Biodiversity at Alinea International, COO and Director, International Programs at the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute, and Technical Specialist at the United Nations. Her achievements range from promoting urban sustainability projects to spearheading initiatives on climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation.

With a Master of Arts in Geography from McGill University, Jaime brings a wealth of knowledge to her role, complemented by her ability to convene strategic stakeholders and find innovative solutions to global challenges. Her track record includes successfully transitioning sustainability concepts from scientific facts to internationally recognized best practices, resulting in better-funded programs, larger teams, and increased partnerships. Overall, Jaime Webbe is a seasoned professional dedicated to making a positive impact in the field of sustainability.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Jaime Webbe

Instagram: @jaime_unac

Twitter: @JaimeWebbe


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