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Iman Nicole | Kenya | Be Your Biggest Critic

Entrepreneur | Founder

My name is Iman Nicole, founder of Iman Luxe, and was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya. From a humble beginning, my ultimate goal was to invest in myself and redefine success on my own terms. My entrepreneurial spirit, desire, and interest led me to create a brand that reflected not only who I am, but also my culture.

Iman Luxe is an online retail store of bespoke luxurious Somali clothing known as Diracs, delivering the most up-to-date fabrics that are unarguably the best quality; the aim is to fuse culture and modern fashion. My entrepreneurial career began exactly one year ago and has grown tremendously, not only shipping locally and throughout East Africa, but now internationally as well. We've tripled our sales and exploded on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok within a year.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

My biggest hurdle when establishing my business was not understanding the adversities that come with it. The most difficult challenge was navigating my way through the world of e-commerce and creating brand awareness. Fear of expanding my network and standing out on social media drove me to break down social barriers; form more collaborations, boost connections with clients and fellow entrepreneurs, and most importantly, have faith in myself and what I’ve created.

With the expertise and experience I've gained in marketing, brand creation, and brand relevance so far, encouraging and coaching aspiring entrepreneurs is something I hope to continue to accomplish. With a clear vision of where I am heading, hard work, consistency, and creativity my journey only begins.

What books are you currently reading?

'Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life' is the current book I'm reading. It's an excellent book to help you examine your life's purpose and ambitions while also demonstrating that happiness is found in simplicity.

What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

My advice to the upcoming youth is always enjoy what you do. Be your biggest critic and always find ways to improve and grow each day! Never be afraid of failure, instead approach each failure as a valuable lesson, embrace it and learn from it!

Social Media Handle:

Instagram: @iman_luxe


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