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Hilda Aku Asiedu (Offeibea Aku) | Ghana | Seize Every Opportunity

Updated: May 22

Leader, OffeibeaAku_Network | GIZ Ghana’s Most Inspiring Woman 2024 | Development Communication | Sustainable Development Advocate | Career Mentoring for Students & Young Professionals

I am Hilda Aku Asiedu (Offeibea Aku), leader of the OffeibeaAku_Network, GIZ Ghana’s Most Inspiring Woman 2024, and a passionate advocate for Mentorship and Sustainable Development. The OffeibeaAku_Network seeks to provide invaluable career mentoring for students and young professionals. I grew up in a family of four, where financial constraints were a daily reality. My parents, despite their modest means, as a security officer and seamstress, prioritized education. I spent most of my childhood selling pastries, koko and tom brown in the morning, buffloaf, and assisting my mother in small businesses, instilling in me a strong work ethic and determination. Despite early challenges, my love for learning and reading was evident. I pursued university studies in a field chosen for me by my dads friend, I didn't understand or know what career path I wanted at the time. I navigated the system without any clarity about her career path. However, with the support of mentors, like Otuo-Akyampong Boakye I found my passion and direction and finally, I am working towards the career path that I love and adore.

Growing up in Asuofua, a small town in the Ashanti region, I witnessed firsthand how many young girls and boys were disinterested in attending school. Many parents didn't support their children's education because they didn't see its value, and there was a significant lack of mentorship in the community. This motivated me to advocate for mentorship and seize every opportunity to mentor young professionals and students.

I remember I once shared a story of Erica, a brilliant classmate from primary school who had to drop out because she was believed to be chosen by dwarves to become a priestess. Without mentorship or guidance, her family didn't realize that Erica could still pursue formal education despite this. Experiences like Erica's underscores the importance of mentorship and career development, fueling my passion for these causes. These are the issues that my project, elevateU, seeks to tackle. I want to focus on providing mentorship and career guidance, addressing the gaps I observed and faced in my own journey.

I faced significant challenges, from financial constraints to a delayed start in my career. After my father's passing, I prioritized supporting my family. I had to support my kid brother through tertiary, I had just started working and my salary was nothing to write home about, so I had to make many sacrifices, temporarily putting my own aspirations on hold. Despite these obstacles, my determination and faith in God guided me through.

Through my experiences, I have learned the paramount importance of resilience, continuous learning, and mentorship. To anyone facing similar challenges or even worse, I urge you to trust in God and persevere, knowing that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I hope my story can inspire young folks out there. I consider myself blessed because I've heard many people's stories, and I believe that no matter what challenges you may be facing, it will be okay. If you need any guidance, I am here to offer that.

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