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Helen Prest-Ajayi | Nigeria | Impact

Author and Literacy Advocate | Philanthropist

Helen Prest-Ajayi's journey is a testament to her resilience, commitment to education, and the impact one can make across various domains. Beyond her advocacy for English literacy, she serves as a non-executive director of two companies and runs her educational company, Educatrix Resources Ltd. Her hands are full with responsibilities, but she also harbors ambitions to fulfill her late husband's vision through the Africa Future Project, supporting innovation in healthcare and education across the continent.

As an influential figure, Helen acknowledges the need for beauty pageants, like everything else, to evolve with the times to remain relevant. She suggests that their impact depends on adapting to changing societal dynamics, emphasizing the importance of marketing and relevance in the age of influencers. Helen's views on protecting women after their husband's death bring attention to a broader societal issue. She advocates for improved legal measures to safeguard women's rights, acknowledging the unique challenges they may face in the aftermath of their spouse's passing. Her call for an "African solution to an African lifestyle issue" underscores the cultural nuances that should be considered in policy-making.

The interview provides a glimpse into Helen's personal life, including her fondness for travel and the Far East. Her reflections on her marriage and the cherished memories with Dr. Tosin Ajayi highlight the deep connection they shared. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy, and Helen's strength and resilience in coping with this profound shock are evident throughout the interview.

Helen's foray into golf as a tribute to her late husband adds a poignant touch to her story. It's a testament to her ability to find solace and connection even in the face of loss. Her commitment to playing every day, coupled with the lessons in patience the sport imparts, reflects her determination to honor Dr. Tosin Ajayi's memory.

As Helen reflects on her achievements and experiences, she imparts valuable advice to young people, emphasizing that no experience is a waste. Her journey encapsulates the essence of a life lived authentically, true to oneself, and with a continuous pursuit of making a positive impact on the world. Helen Prest-Ajayi's story is one of resilience, compassion, and a commitment to leaving a lasting legacy.

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