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Gini and Eccie Newton | UK | Family Connection

Founders | Entrepreneur(s) | Community Leader(s)

Meet, Gini and Eccie Newton; the dynamic sisters driving Karma Cans, have transformed a small-scale meal preparation venture in 2014 into a thriving catering and events business delivering over 1000 meals daily across London. Both with backgrounds in kitchens, Eccie as a trained chef and Gini as a kitchen porter, their journey began with a week of packed lunches auctioned off for charity. The positive response sparked the idea of daily office lunches in reusable cans, setting the stage for Karma Cans' unique approach.

Rooted in a food-centric upbringing, the sisters leveraged their diverse skills to build a business that values consistency, trust, and a shared culture. While navigating the challenges of divergent ideas, their commitment to the product and the ethos of fostering team interaction through daily meals has garnered long-term client relationships.

Karma Cans stands out with its ever-changing weekly menu, catering to diverse dietary needs while delivering fresh, textured, and layered meals to over 1000 people daily. Despite its scale, the business maintains a direct relationship with clients, eschewing third-party involvement.

Surviving the pandemic required resilience and adaptability. Losing all clients at the outset prompted a strategic shift: partnering with the NHS to provide thousands of daily meals for hospitals and vulnerable individuals. This flexibility, combined with a committed team, enabled Karma Cans to not only weather the storm but also experience its best year in 2023.

Looking ahead, Karma Cans aims to expand its events catering segment and launch Karma Canteen in 2024, offering an in-house, daily changing canteen service for larger clients. The business's success lies in its ability to adapt, innovate, and maintain a strong team, making it a dynamic force in the catering industry.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Eccie Newton & Gini Newton

Instagram: @karmacans


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