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Eva Antwi | United Kingdom | Remarkable Journey

Business Transformation Leader –  Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Procurement  & Contracts Management Expert


Eva Antwi, a distinguished Business Transformation Leader and chartered quantity surveyor, embarked on a remarkable journey, emphasizing the importance of skill development over seeking visibility. Her philosophy, "Focus on building the skills and competencies instead of chasing visibility," reflects a commitment to substantive contributions rather than mere talk. Having left her role at Crossrail to be hands-on with her teenage girls, Eva's expertise spans various domains, including chartered quantity surveying, procurement, and contracts management. Her impactful career includes leading commercial teams on multimillion-dollar projects, such as the construction of Crossrail, Heathrow Terminal 5, Clackmannanshire Bridge, and the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

As a Royal Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Procurement, and Contracts Management Expert, Eva has provided strategic and tactical planning to organizations, ensuring they achieve challenging targets while managing tough budgets and maintaining quality standards. Her leadership has extended across the UK, Dubai, and Ghana, transforming business operations for efficiency, transparency, and accountability. In her current role as the Global Principal for IT Transformation at Vodafone, Eva continues to showcase her skills in global sourcing, business process optimization, IT outsourcing, and supply chain management. Her career at Vodafone includes stints as Head of Supply Chain Management and Finance Business Partner for Consumer and Mobile Financial Services.

Prior to Vodafone, Eva's career highlights include serving as the Head of Supply Chain at Millicom (Tigo) and Regional Operations Manager at Vodafone, where she managed a team of 82 engineers, implementing logistics and utilization processes that resulted in a 30% reduction in Opex. Eva's career journey also encompasses roles such as Senior Commercial Contract Manager at Crossrail, where she led the commercial team responsible for delivering Woolwich Station and Tunnel Shafts. Her contributions included developing commercial and procurement strategies, managing contract changes and disputes, and ensuring projects adhered to governance and best practices.

In her various roles, Eva consistently demonstrated a commitment to efficiency, cost management, and strategic planning. Her achievements include negotiating contract claims, optimizing logistics planning, and implementing transformative change processes. Beyond her professional achievements, Eva Antwi's personal advice, shared during a lunch meeting with female engineering students, reflects her wisdom and honesty. She emphasizes the importance of navigating personal and professional life with care, especially for young women starting their careers. Eva encourages them to date outside their place of employment to avoid complications that may arise from blurred lines between personal and professional life.

Eva's story, as shared by a friend celebrating her achievements, highlights a woman who dares to take opportunities, values her own loyalty and investments, and lives to fulfill her highest and truest purpose. As she embarks on another international role at Vodafone Group, Eva Antwi's journey continues to inspire and captivate those fortunate enough to witness her brilliance and fierceness. Congratulations to Eva Antwi on her well-deserved success, and may her story continue to resonate as a beacon of inspiration.


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