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Eno Eka | Canada | Breaking Barriers

Business Analyst | Change Manager | Consultant | Founder | Keynote Speaker

Hello, my name is Eno Eka; and I am a Business Analyst and Change Manager based in Calgary, Alberta. I initially studied accounting and had a successful career in that field. However, driven by a desire for more, I transitioned into the Technology sector, where I discovered exciting growth opportunities that resonated strongly with my aspirations. This led me to explore business analysis, where I found my passion. After gaining experience as a business analyst on various multinational projects, I founded Eny Consulting Inc, an IT Business Consulting Company. Through this venture, we assist businesses in leveraging technology to enhance processes, increase revenue, and provide recruitment and training in the latest technology systems and certifications. I am also the Founder of Business Analysis School, a platform dedicated to helping professionals transition into the tech industry, leveraging their experience to boost income using Business Analysis skills. Since my migration to Canada in 2018, I've been committed to impacting the lives of immigrants by helping them secure quality professional jobs and significantly increase their income. This commitment inspired me to create mentorship and coaching programs for immigrants, successfully aiding thousands in obtaining high-paying jobs in the Technology sector.

Studying accounting provided a solid foundation for my career. However, seeking more fulfillment, I shifted my focus to the Technology sector, discovering its growth potential and aligning with my aspirations. After working as a business analyst on multinational projects, I established my consulting company, Eny Consulting Inc, to assist small-medium businesses in process improvement and revenue growth. My passion for mentoring immigrants stems from my own experience as a newcomer to Canada in 2018. Despite encountering negative perceptions, I achieved my career goals within weeks of arriving. This experience prompted me to share my journey, provide positive advice, and offer free information to help others leverage their experiences for optimal career opportunities.

What's your biggest accomplishment as a business owner?

My greatest accomplishment is witnessing how my company has transformed the lives of immigrants, proving that seemingly impossible dreams can come true. The success stories of my students, transitioning from low-paying jobs to earning over $100,000, bring me immense fulfillment. Knowing that our work changes lives and hearing students share achievements like homeownership or family support through investments is incredibly rewarding.

What's one of the hardest things that come with being a business owner?

One significant challenge is gender bias, often underestimating my experience and knowledge due to my age and gender. Additionally, cultural bias can limit our business's scale and projection. Overcoming stereotypes about a woman from Nigeria excelling in business and language proficiency has been a recurring hurdle.

What are the top tips you'd give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

Starting a business isn't easy, but determination drives success. Conduct thorough research on your industry, potential customers, and available funding options. Connect with people already in the business, as their insights can be invaluable. Understand what you're getting into, and let your passion fuel your journey.

What were your hurdles along the way?

One of the significant challenges of being a business owner is grappling with gender bias. My experience and knowledge often face skepticism because of my young age and gender. Online, when people discover my achievements, it frequently elicits surprise. Beyond gender bias, cultural bias further compounds the challenges, imposing limitations on the scale of our business and how we present ourselves. There have been instances where individuals expressed astonishment simply because a person from Nigeria could possess such knowledge and articulate fluency in English.

What were lessons learned to motivate others?

My motivation for mentoring and coaching immigrants stems from my personal journey as a new immigrant to Canada in 2018. Upon arriving, I sought career guidance from numerous sources. Unfortunately, many discouraged me, asserting that achieving my dream career or earning significantly as a "newcomer" was impossible. However, a few individuals offered positive advice, defying the negative narrative that had been presented. Remarkably, within two weeks of arriving in Canada, I secured my first job. In just six months, I landed a six-figure position, and within nine months, I established my consulting company. Driven by the curiosity of others who wanted to understand how I achieved such rapid success, I realized the scarcity of shared success stories.

This realization prompted me to share my journey, aiming to inspire and assist others in their pursuit of success. Consequently, I provide free information to help individuals leverage their experiences and access optimal career opportunities.

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