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Emma Maame Efua Tandoh | Ghana | Undeterred

International Speaker | Award-Winning Entrepreneur | Marketing Expert

Passionate About Brand Innovation and Digital Storytelling

Embark on the vibrant canvas of Emma Maame Efua Tandoh's entrepreneurial odyssey, where passion, resilience, and boundless learning intertwine to weave a tale of triumph. Over a decade ago, amidst the bustling streets of corporate Ghana, Emma began her foray into the realms of marketing, PR, and communications. Amidst the buzz of Africa's foremost enterprises, her skills flourished, and a profound adoration for brand crafting and digital storytelling blossomed within her. Fueled by intuition and an insatiable thirst for creation, Emma dared to venture into the realm of entrepreneurship. Armed with nothing but 30 pairs of foldable shoes, she birthed Love Ankara, a dream clothed in determination. Yet, the journey was no leisurely stroll; it was a tumultuous ride through production woes and societal pressures urging her back to the corporate fold. Undeterred, she pressed forward, fueled by a vision to empower women with footwear that exuded uniqueness and style. Today, Love Ankara stands as a testament to her tenacity, birthing over 5000 pairs of shoes that grace the feet of women worldwide. Her saga sings the tune of embracing obstacles, extracting wisdom from setbacks, and surging ahead with fervor and purpose.

What were the biggest initial hurdles, and how did you overcome them?

In the early chapters of Emma's saga, uncertainty and the solitude of entrepreneurship loomed large. As a lone warrior, the weight of every decision bore down upon her. Yet, she found solace in weaving a network of support, enlisting mentors, comrades, and industry sages to illuminate her path. Their wisdom and encouragement became her beacon, guiding her through the tempests of doubt and fueling her relentless stride.

Balancing creativity amidst the rigors of commerce posed another Herculean trial. To conquer this, Emma forged a structured approach, delineating clear objectives while leaving room for the dance of innovation. This equilibrium anchored her amidst the storm, steering her towards the shores of lasting triumph.

What books are you currently reading?

Amidst the canvas of her journey, Emma finds herself enraptured by "The Urgent Life: My Story of Love, Loss, and Survival" penned by Bozoma Saint John. Within its pages, she discovers a narrative rich with resilience, personal evolution, and the indomitable spirit to weather life's fiercest tempests. Bozoma's tale weaves a narrative of inspiration, reinforcing the creed of persistence and fervor in the face of adversity.

What advice would you give to upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

To the burgeoning youth and talents, Emma bequeaths the wisdom of her odyssey: Embrace your passions with unwavering zeal, for therein lies the fuel that shall propel you through the crucible of trials. Dare to tread the path less traveled, for therein lies the crucible of growth and wisdom.

Forge bonds with mentors and kindred spirits, for in their counsel and camaraderie lies the strength to weather the storm. Never cease your quest for knowledge, be it through academia, literature, or the crucible of experience.

And above all, let not success be measured in riches or accolades, but in the fulfillment gleaned from enriching the lives of others. Let your values be your lodestar, and may the fire of passion illuminate every step of your journey.

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