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Elisha Oreunomhe | Nigeria | Practice Gratitude

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Personal Development Coach | Leadership Trainer | Writer

Data Enthusiast | Founder

My name is Elisha Oreunomhe. I am a Personal Development Coach, Leadership Trainer, Writer, Data enthusiast, and Founder of the Kingdom Luminaries Network. I am very passionate about raising the next generation and ensuring that no one is left behind. This is based on my conviction that anyone can succeed if they are given a chance and a suitable environment conducive to growth. In a bid to ensure aspiring leaders are properly guided and nurtured I have hosted several personal development events including: Navigating Life After School Series, Kingdom Academic Giants Conference, and The-Becoming 3 Months Mentorship Program which has reached over 600 participants cumulatively. The journey for me began during my Undergraduate studies when I discovered my keen interest in freshers (first-year students) in those early years I would gather a few of the freshers whom I spotted and begin to mentor them at my own expense. Being a 3-time member of the Student Council where I served as the Assistant Secretary General, Secretary General, and Vice President in my final year gave me the platform to equip these aspiring leaders for success. This effort contributed in no small way to the Student Leadership body specifically as this effort produced several first-class students, student leaders at different levels, and the best-graduating student in the 2021/22 graduating class. I started my basic education at True Vine Montessori School and completed my secondary education in 2015 at Oriwu Senior Model College after which I obtained my first degree (B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering) from Landmark University in 2020 where I graduated with a first-class honor. I hail from Edo state, Nigeria, and currently reside in Lagos, Nigeria where was born and bred.

What were the biggest initial hurdles you faced and how did you overcome them?

As a young individual, I was keen on finding purpose and fulfilling God's plan for my life. However, one of the major challenges I faced was deciding on what to do with my life. Looking back, the path I should have followed was quite clear. However, the various opinions from people around me made it difficult to discern God's will. It was a constant struggle between the light within me and the noise around me. I knew that I needed to be sure of God's plan for my life, but the voices surrounding me were pulling me in different directions.

What advice do you have for young people locally and internationally who are just starting out in their careers or pursuing their passions?

Life is not a sprint; it's a journey of learning through service It's important to understand that nobody has all the answers. We can only connect the dots in our lives by looking back at how everything has unfolded. Trying to have all the answers before we take action can hinder our progress and lead to depression. Instead, focus on using your gifts to serve others in every way possible.

Practice gratitude and maximize every season of life Life is a temporary assignment, and how we handle each phase determines what the next one will be. Even during challenging times, it's important to maintain an attitude of gratitude and trust that everything will work together for good. Remember that every cloud has a silver lining, and negative experiences can bring positive outcomes.

Take responsibility for your life Our lives are the product of our choices, not circumstances or other people. It's important to take full responsibility for the outcomes in our lives and not blame others for our situation. As we make conscious choices to take responsibility, we create the life we desire.

Surround yourself with strong and motivated individuals Surrounding yourself with friends who inspire and challenge you is crucial for personal growth. Find a community of individuals who are making positive changes in their communities, and learn from their successes. The more you're exposed to the results of others, the more you'll believe that you can achieve similar outcomes.

Trust in God Trusting in God, especially during tough times, is crucial. Dependence on human strength can lead to disappointment, but trust in God brings hope and strength. Always remember that God is faithful and will come through for you in every situation.

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