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Elisa Mastrocolla | New Jersey | Don’t Wait & Don’t Make Excuses

Founder | Interior Designer | Home DIY Project Strategist | Content & UGC Creator

I was born and raised in Brazil until I was 14, then one day my mother packed our bags and moved my sister and I to the US to pursue a better life, what some would call the American Dream. It was a total culture shock, trying to fit in with Americans was hard because of the language barrier and different background. Slowly, I was able to learn the language, make friends and be accepted for who I was. I tend to forget that phase of my life, maybe because it wasn’t pleasant, and it is easier to just ignore it. We lived in a humble home in Gainesville, FL. We had to buy everything new but couldn’t afford the expensive home items and furniture. I remember going to a store and buying the build-your-own furniture items and I was always put in charge of assembling those. It was therapeutic and I truly enjoyed it. This was the time when I fell in love with building and diy projects.

Fast forward to many years later, and I finally found a way to build a business based on my passion for DIY projects and decor. I spent years contemplating what to do with my professional life. I had a successful career in retail banking before having kids and deciding to be a stay-at-home mom. I spent about a year pursuing an online Bachelors degree and actually turned down several job offers before I finally decided to focus on making my dream a reality. Beginning at the end of 2019, I have worked tirelessly on my DIY projects and launching and growing my social media businesses.

My goal has always been to share affordable and simple DIY projects to inspire my followers to take up their own projects. I never imagined that I could attract over 100,000 followers on Instagram in my 1st year. My fabulous audience and supportive content-creator community have truly inspired me to keep going and to dream even bigger!

What were the biggest initial hurdles you faced and how did you overcome them?

The biggest hurdles so far have been the constant setbacks and the sheer amount of work and energy that is required to keep a new business going. Nothing prepares you for that. My creator friends and I call it a true emotional roller coaster. I work seven days a week planning projects, content, recording, editing videos, and more. With three kids and a home to manage it’s a lot to juggle. There are really good days and really bad ones. There is no steady income. At the end of the day, there will always be obstacles that you have to overcome. Some days will be bad and they will make you question everything but some days will be amazing and those are the ones that keep me going.

What advice do you have for young people locally and internationally who are just starting out in their careers or pursuing their passions?

One of the things I have learned is to choose something that you are truly passionate about. Throughout my professional career, I never found something I truly enjoyed doing. I did it because I had to and that made it hard for me to keep going. Once you know what you want to pursue, just start, don’t wait and don’t make excuses.

Remember that there will be hard times but those are learning experiences and will only make you stronger.

Cultivate relationships and build a support network that you can lean on during difficult times.

Be kind to yourself and it’s ok to take small breaks to recharge, but to be successful it is important to be persistent, work hard, and not give up.

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