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Elinam Ablah | Ghana | START TODAY

I am Elinam, a compassionate person who is interested in social development through sustainable capitalism. I believe that pushing forward public-private partnerships is the solution to the ever-changing needs of the African continent. This world view is what has underpinned my creation of a brand that uses business to cause social and economic change for the less privileged, overlooked, and marginalized. My working career began in 2012 when I joined my family business of petroleum transportation. Having just completed my Masters in Innovation and Technology management from the prestigious University of Bath. My astuteness in business has led to the company winning bids to transport fuel into far reaching countries like Niger and Guinea, thereby expanding our company’s customer base and geographical reach. After years of managing over 700 employees, the majority 98% of whom are men, I sought to create a space in this male dominated industry for women. I partnered with and led a private-public partnership with MissTaxi Ghana – a local NGO interested in introducing females into the world of professional driving, GIZ (German: Society for International Cooperation), Scania Trucks and Horgle Transport to train 12 female petroleum tanker drivers in 2019. After completion of their training, I led the employment and integration of all 12 female tanker drivers into the mainstream petroleum industry by partnering with internationally recognized companies including but not limited to Vivo Energy (Shell Licensee), Puma Energy (Blue Ocean Affiliate) and Total Energies. My work on gender balance has extended to increasing the number of females in technical roles in our company. I have so far introduced females into Engineering, HSE and Driver training fields.

My current mission is to make our company the happiest place to work. I am therefore partnering with innovative HR firms to review our company’s work culture and structure in favour of intrinsic motivational programs.I play a significant role in the entire value chain of the family group of businesses. I am Chairperson of the Interim management Committee of HASK Oil, a Petroleum Bulk Distribution Company that has been revived since my active involvement which began in 2021. As an entrepreneur, I have started my own company based again on my belief in the potency of public-private partnerships for the development of Ghana. Eblah Trading and Advisory serves my need to impact as I mentor young entrepreneurs especially ones with a social enterprise business plan to help bring their dreams to fruition. The company also trades in fast moving consumer goods and is currently focused on developing a healthcare innovation product that will bring affordable quality to the doorstep of every Ghanaian, especially those I term ‘financially disabled’. Finally, I have founded an NGO (The Eblah Foundation - TEF) that has been heavily involved in maternal healthcare support and environmental protection. The NGO was founded on the back of the company to impact communities through maternal healthcare, primary education, and youth empowerment through financial empowerment. I have so far impacted the lives of over 2000 women in the Fume region through the renovation of the Community Health Post in the town. I have donated maternity beds, admission beds, and hospital disposables. I am currently in the process of supplying water for the facility. A toilet facility that includes washrooms is also being put up as part of the renovation of the health post. This notwithstanding I also champion the need for environmental protection from plastic waste by organizing beach clean-ups, plastic use educational drives and recently partnered with Gripe Ghana for a plastic buyback campaign in Nungua, Accra Ghana.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them? Self doubt - I grew up with an insecurity of not being enough due to a lot of pressure to succeed for my parents who were and are still tough to please. After therapy, I became aware that I was self sabotaging anytime something big was about to happen because I was self-conscious of failing. That realization helped me to start taking more risks and accepting that I can make mistakes and still survive because that’s how to learn. What books are you currently reading? Paulo Coehlo - By the River Peidra Leil Lowndes - How to talk to Anyone Alyssa Cole - An Extraordinary Union What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started? I wish I knew that rest never comes later. I also wish I knew that energy dwindles so starting early is always best, in everything (chasing passion, learning, love, business, investing, everything). What advice would you give to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally? Start today. It’s better to make mistakes than to have regrets. To minimize the impacts of mistakes, read books on your area of interest and follow opinion leaders in that industry. Dream Big and celebrate every win.

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