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Drew Binsky | USA | Storytelling: Extraordinary Odyssey

World Traveler | Content Creator | Documentary Filmmaker

Drew Binsky: Journeying Across the Globe, One Country at a Time 🌍✈️ With a passion for exploration, Drew Binsky has made a name for himself as a full-time traveler and content creator, having visited all 197 countries. Armed with a camera and a desire to share diverse cultures, his social media community boasts over 12 million followers and a staggering 7+ billion video views.

Drew graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in economics and entrepreneurship. His wanderlust took root during a study abroad program in Prague, igniting a desire to make a career out of travel.

Drew's entrepreneurial journey started early, from selling duck tape wallets at age 12 to founding SEO/marketing and advertising companies in his late teens. This spirit manifested in his travel blog, 'The Hungry Partier,' which later evolved into the Drew Binsky brand.

Drew's journey began as an English teacher in South Korea, where he lived for 18 months. During this time, he started his travel blog and grew it to substantial readership, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

Drew has a penchant for exploring countries perceived as dangerous, breaking stereotypes by sharing positive narratives from places like Afghanistan, Venezuela, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Libya, and Iran.

Drew's passion for storytelling extends to various projects, including a docuseries, a book, and the travel app 'JUST GO.' As the founder of Drew Binsky LLC, he leads a team dedicated to sharing inspirational travel stories and tips.

Holder of two Guinness World Records—fastest time to pack a suitcase and most UNESCO World Heritage Site visits in 24 hours—Drew continues to inspire a global community with his adventures.

Completing his quest to visit every UN-recognized country in 2021, Drew's journey doesn't end. He continues to explore, create, and be a valuable resource for aspiring travelers worldwide. Follow Drew Binsky's extraordinary adventures on social media @drewbinsky and join the global travel community.

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: Drew Binsky

Instagram: @drewbinsky


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