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Dr. Ornella Sathoud | Ghana & USA | Proud Of You

Engineer | Professional Boxer: 2X Golden Gloves National Champion

STEM: Educator | Scientist: PhD in Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Ornella Sathoud, a middleweight boxer from Ghana, is reshaping the narrative of women's boxing in Africa. Despite her late start in the sport at the age of 28, this US-based Ghanaian, also a process engineer, fearlessly pursued her passion for boxing, driven by a desire to channel frustrations and find an outlet for self-expression.

Her journey into boxing began as an alternative to rowing, eventually transitioning to kickboxing in 2016. Driven by mental resilience and discipline, she found parallels between her roles as a scientist and an athlete, challenging stereotypes about the compatibility of intelligence and athleticism.

Turning 36 in October, Dr. Sathoud aspires to inspire African women in boxing, advocating for pursuing the sport out of passion rather than necessity. At the 2023 Boxing Africa Qualifier in Dakar, she showcased her skills as one of the oldest female competitors, aiming to secure an Olympic quota.

Raised in Gabon, she carried sporting dreams to the United States, leaning on her athletic background to excel academically. Driven by the desire to fight competitively, she embarked on an amateur career, winning accolades such as the USA Golden Gloves at various weight categories.

Despite being one of the oldest competitors in Dakar, Dr. Sathoud maintains a comfortable mindset in the ring by embracing discomfort, a quality that has contributed to her growth in the sport.

While her journey includes setbacks, such as a loss in Dakar, her passion for boxing remains undeterred. Working in Albany, New York, and training with experienced coach Jerrick Jones, Dr. Sathoud envisions a bright future for women's boxing, emphasizing the importance of ring exposure for growth. She suggests initiatives like women-only tournaments and African competitions to provide women with more opportunities and visibility in the sport.

Dr. Ornella Sathoud's story serves as an inspiration, challenging stereotypes and showcasing the limitless possibilities that arise when passion meets determination in the pursuit of one's dreams.

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LinkedIn: Ornella Sathoud

Instagram: @ifupdtpfum


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