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Medical Doctor | Certified Aesthetician | CEO of Dr. Ismahan Skin Revision | Entrepreneur

My name is Dr. Ismahan Mohadin. Raised in Mombasa. First born in the family amongst 8 other siblings, proud daughter, sister and wife. I am a Medical Doctor by profession, Certified Aesthetician and CEO of Dr. Ismahan Skin Revision which was established and launched in 2019. We are known for our unique and innovative approach to skincare and vast knowledge which allows us to address each individual's needs based on sophisticated skin analysis that is conducted at the start of treatment. Our main objective is to inspire others to feel confident in their own skin and promote a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing that is associated with skincare. I am incredibly grateful and humbled by the opportunity that I have to help and inspire people in my work. Currently I am planning to pursue my career and specialize in the field of dermatology soon - Insha Allah.

In 2013, I got accepted into the University of Ukraine. I travelled abroad for my studies in the city of Vinnytsia. Being distant from home and away from my supportive family members and caring parents, required an endless act of commitment with reasonable objectives. The idea of starting a new life in a dissimilar country didn't really resonate with me. It took me a very long time to immerse myself. I realized that every successful journey lies a tough road ahead and the only way to be successful is to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. At that moment the only prize possession was my desire to achieve and belief that I would succeed against all odds. I knew that the struggle and challenges would make me feel overburdened at times but my hopes and dreams provided me with comfort and ease as a source of strength. Fear stems from failure but you also cannot miss what you never had. I was convinced that I would overcome the challenges of everyday life as an aspiring doctor. My vision was my beacon of hope. Being the first born gave me a burning desire to set an example and also be a role model for the rest of my siblings and future young enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Surprisingly, none in my family believed I was competent enough to endure hardship. Growing up I was always seen as shy and timid to accomplish independently. Everyone's interpretation of my life, traditionally speaking, was to get married and have children. My upbringing educated me and inspired me to create my own path that seemed unorthodox but I was unbothered. The first 3 years of University was probably the most difficult moment in my life. No tuition fee nor scholarship. My mom had to sell her gold to carry the burden of my education expenses. The pressure was immense. I was emotional but consciously grateful for my parent's sacrifices. I felt the pressure and debt to pay back as my appreciation and making them proud was the greatest gift back to them.

Throughout this course of time I was unfortunate in regards to my health. Unexpectedly, I felt unbearable pain, confused and disorientated. At times I felt like I was living just to die. Distant, alone with no aid. I felt miserable, pain and horror waiting for me daily. My pain and suffering was so severe and apparent even those around me couldn't help but notice my agony. I remember being financially unable to pay for my own hospital bills . No health insurance but only hopes of family, friends and colleagues with helping hands. After a long period of recovering and therapy. I was able to regain only limited strength to push through. In a desperate attempt to sustain an income, I cooked for students who miss and enjoy traditional cuisine as alternatives to everyday University food. I also started painting henna for female students to make ends meet for my long overdue medication bills.. It felt like I was just surviving. I knew that there's a way out with the help and mercy of God (praise to him) Alhamdullilah. My parents were very supportive in this lengthy struggle of life as a foreign student. It was not easy for them to pay for my entire education and take time to care for 8 other children that were not age appropriate for work. The struggle only made me stronger.

What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

God is great! Only with hope and prayer we are under God's protection. I remember being prescribed endless counts of (steroids) for a long period of time with harsh side effects. I was becoming more intolerant by the day; irritated, frustrated and the side effects made me uncomfortable. My self esteem seemed to be the only thing at stake. I was deemed antisocial, timid and stubborn. No one understood my pain. The side effects from the medication only made my skin pale and acne irritated. This made me more eager to educate myself. My fascination grew for aesthetician work . I started seeing a dermatologist with the intention of seeking proper treatment. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of a very busy schedule, miraculously I was able to budget and make time from a busy life schedule of a student. I was intrigued with skin. I occasionally joined short course lectures pertaining to skin. After I graduated, I was fortunate enough to establish a facial treatment facility with the help of my father as the property owner. The knowledge was too precious for me to preserve alone. I trained my younger sisters on how to look and feel beautiful in their own skin with a consistent facial routine. Currently the business is up and running with future plans to grow and expand commercially in the city of Mombasa.I am proud of my sisters for their hard work and dedication this far. Success is best when it's shared. I knew God was on my side. With a work ethic and attitude of a very stoic personality with a burning desire to succeed. I managed to complete my internship and on the same token, be a small independent business owner. Financially, I sacrificed and invested wholeheartedly with every single penny of my savings in a business that was reasonably risky. Miraculously, the rewards seemed like God's work. I got extremely passionate about my craft and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study DMK. Hundreds have reached out to me seeking help and advice for skin related treatment. So far, I have treated countless clients in such a short span of time. I am grateful for all of life's unforeseen circumstances. It molded me and shaped me into the person I am now. I am so glad I never gave up.

Any advice to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally?

Advice to the youth, remember effort is everything in life. Circumstances dictate and divert our life. No matter what the circumstance, get up ,dress up, show up and never give-up. This journey we call life has many obstacles but the greatest of all is staying patient in times of adversity. Miracles start to happen when you don't give up and believe in God. To live your full potential life you must be consciously aware of the battles ahead. strength and growth come only through continuous effort. struggle teaches you a lot of things and I am happy that I witnessed a roller coaster ride. "If you can dream it you can do it and last but not least, "We must not pray for an easy life, We must pray for strength to endure hardship."

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