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Dimakatso Mitchell Sowana | South Africa | Risks Over Comfort

Entrepreneur | Contracts Guru | Legal Advisor

Risk Management Expert | Corporate Speaker | Humanitarian

Dimakatso Sowana is a dynamic Contracts Guru, Legal Advisor, and Risk Management expert with a solid work ethic and an unwavering attention to detail. She thrives on disruptive thinking within contracts management life cycles and embraces challenges to continuously improve. A competitive spirit drives her experience and expertise, making her a standout professional in the field. As an Entrepreneur, Contracts Guru, and the mind behind "Bophelo ke Contract host," Dimakatso excels as a Corporate Speaker, Humanitarian, and Legal Advisor. Her educational journey includes a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in International Law and Legal Studies from the University of Limpopo and further studies at the University of Cape Town and the University of the Witwatersrand.

Dimakatso's professional journey unfolds with roles at Liberty Group South Africa, where she specialized in Legal Contracts and Contract Management, contributing three years and two months of dedicated service. She also served as a Legal Administrative Officer at the Department of Science and Technology, focusing on contracts, international agreements, and litigation support.

Notably, Dimakatso has been a Specialist in Legal Contracts at AECOM, managing the Delegations of Authority process across Africa. She has proven skills in drafting legislation documents, providing legal opinions, and excelling in corporate and administrative law. Dimakatso Sowana's entrepreneurial spirit shines through her various roles, from Junior Legal Advisor at the National Department of Tourism to her current position as Specialist: Legal Contracts-Group Legal Services at Liberty Group South Africa. Her multifaceted experience includes risk administration, legal support, and contract management.

With a Master's in Management (Governance and Management) from the University of the Witwatersrand and certifications in Commercial and Contracts Law and Risk Management, Dimakatso is well-equipped to navigate the complex legal and contractual landscape. Her commitment to continuous learning is evident through her involvement in various educational programs, including the YALI fellowship, Blossom Data Fellowship, and the AYA Web3 Fellowship. Dimakatso Sowana's journey reflects resilience, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. As a Corporate Speaker, she brings her wealth of experience to inspire and motivate others, emphasizing the importance of hard work and overcoming challenges in the pursuit of one's dreams.

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @dimakatsosowana

LinkedIn: Dimakatso Mitchell Sowana


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