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Diana Tsitsiwu | Ghana | Best Version of Yourself

Consultant | Business Strategist Sales & Marketing Strategist | Copywriter “You haven’t truly lived until your life counts for others” As far as I can remember I have liked the quote above; an impeccable definition of who I am and what I stand for. I would like to describe myself as ‘people-oriented’. Why? Because I am always looking for ways to support others which I think may have been influenced by my parents and the friends I made growing up. Considering how powerful names are, I believe that may also have influenced me as my Ewe name is ‘misonu’ translated as ‘togetherness’. What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them? You know the saying that he who hasn’t failed has never tried something new. I have had my share of challenging and tough times, but I came to appreciate them as a part of my journey. I leveraged those experiences to build myself and become more resilient than a young person my age should be. One of them was when I decided to leave my first job in 2020 during Covid-19 without a new one in sight. Some of my friends thought I was choosing wrongly but they look at me now and cannot deny that it was the right step for me. The challenge was when I had to stay home for some months before I got a new job. All that while, I had unwavering faith and used the time for some volunteering activities. I started a skill-sharing program that saw over 25 young people acquire various skills in coding, photography, videography, and graphic designing. I also started a Liquid Soap business around that same time and distributed relief items including some of the soaps I produced to some slum communities at Agbobloshie, Dome and Achimota in Accra.

I am extremely passionate about volunteerism and raising the next African leaders while eradicating poverty. I am also championing an alcoholic support group in Ghana. J'aime français et español by the way. I am a strong proponent of leadership being at the heart of everything. I never spare the moment to affirm that all things are possible once you are aligned to it. What are the books you are currently reading? I love reading, books, blogs, articles etc. I am currently reading “Psychology of Selling” by Brian Tracy and “A woman makes a plan” by Maye Musk. Both books are incredibly good, and they have changed my perspective and informed certain habits. I have a lot of interest in sales, so I am always happy to learn novel techniques on how to dominate in that field. About the second book, I ask myself, who wouldn’t want to read a book by the mother of the World’s Richest Man? Maye gives a lot of insight into the kind of upbringing she gave her children and generally about herself as a single parent.

Your advice to an upcoming youth or talents locally and internationally? To young people in all parts of the world, my message for you is - Stay Positive. The positive spirit I have has taken me places more than my degree has. The fact that you can believe something good will come out of you is enough to drive you to chase your dreams. The internet is glutted with information but chose the positive and germane ones. Again, in all your doings, learn to trust in God. He genuinely wants to see you become the best version of yourself. Don’t let someone tell you otherwise!


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