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Daniel Boifio Jr | Ghana | Make Waves

FIFA Football Agent Certification | Talent Manager | Philanthropist

Daniel Boifio Junior, also known as DBJ, is a 25-year-old multifaceted talent with a passion for photography that ignited at the age of 5. This former Valley View University student embraced his love for cameras early on, developing into a professional photographer. Daniel's journey into the world of storytelling began during his senior high school days at Accra Academy, where he served as a Prefect and shared narratives during assemblies.

His foray into news writing and blogging took root during an internship at Multimedia Group Limited (specifically JOY FM). Alongside being recognized as a Photo Journalist, Daniel wears many hats—radio presenter, event organizer, video director and editor, artist, football player manager, and entrepreneur.

In 2016, he seized the opportunity to photograph various national teams of Ghana, marking a pivotal moment in his career. Recently, Daniel clinched two prestigious awards at the Ghana Tertiary Awards, winning in the categories of The Most Influential Student in Photography and The Most Influential Student Writer and Blogger.

Beyond his achievements, Daniel is a FIFA-certified football agent, securing his place among the successful candidates in a challenging exam conducted by the Ghana Football Association. This accomplishment opens doors for him to engage in transfers, contract negotiations, and collaboration with clubs in the football industry.

As a dedicated and hardworking individual, Daniel Boifio Junior attributes his success to sacrifice and persistence. He views these accolades not just as personal victories but as a source of motivation to accomplish even more. With a commitment to inspiring others and using his acquired skills to make a positive impact, Daniel is poised to contribute significantly to various fields, capturing stories through his lens and making strides in the world of football.

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