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Clinton Samuel | Ghana & Nigeria | Pursuit of Artistic Excellence

Fashion Model | Producer of Fashion Films and TV Commercials | Singer/Songwriter | Artist | Advocate | Activism

"Hello, I'm Clinton Samuel, a multi-talented individual weaving my way through the vibrant tapestry of the entertainment industry. Born with a natural inclination for the limelight, I embarked on my artistic journey early, honing my musical prowess as a singer and songwriter from childhood. Despite participating in prestigious competitions like Xfactor, MTN Project Fame, and Glo Naija Sings, the music industry proved challenging for a young aspirant like me.

Undeterred, I pursued higher education, earning a degree in Human Resources Management from Zenith University College, alongside delving into the realms of criminology and penology for two years. Fueling my passion for performance, I underwent training as an actor under the guidance of the esteemed Van Vicker, obtaining a diploma in performing arts.

Transitioning into the world of fashion, I found my stride as a model in 2009, embarking on a decade-long journey that has seen me rise to prominence. Garnering accolades such as Ghana's Male Model of the Year consecutively since 2021, bestowed upon me by prestigious institutions like Fashion Ghana Awards, Ghana Models Awards, and Ghana Style Awards, I've become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring models across the continent.

In my evolution as a seasoned professional, I've expanded my horizons to become a model manager, passing on my wealth of knowledge and experience to the next generation of talent. Leveraging my expertise, I've produced captivating fashion shows, innovative fashion films, and compelling fashion campaigns, collaborating with industry titans like Naomi Campbell, Alton Mason, and Agbani Derego. My portfolio boasts collaborations with renowned brands including Malta Guinness, Karl Lagerfeld, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Emporio Armani, among others. From the runways of Vogue Italia to the studios of esteemed designers like David Tlale and Mia Atafo, I've left an indelible mark on the global fashion landscape.

Continuing my pursuit of artistic excellence, I underwent professional music training in 2020 under the mentorship of living legend and MTN Project Fame judge, Bibie Brew. Empowered by newfound confidence, I released my debut single, "REMEDY," in January 2024, marking a pivotal moment in my musical journey. Armed with a wealth of experience and a boundless passion for creativity, I stand poised to conquer new frontiers in the entertainment industry. With each endeavor, I strive to inspire, innovate, and leave an enduring legacy that transcends borders and resonates with audiences worldwide."

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @_clintonsamuel


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