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Clarisse Merlet | France | Redefining Sustainability

Architect & Founder of FabBRICK | Philanthropist

In her pursuit of sustainable construction methods, Clarisse Merlet, an architect and the visionary behind FabBRICK, observed the environmental toll of traditional construction. Determined to make a change, she set out to build differently by repurposing raw material wastes like plastic bottles, cardboard, and plastic cups, turning them into innovative building materials. While still a student in architecture, Merlet recognized the untapped potential of textile waste, especially discarded clothes, in the construction industry. Leveraging her insights, she founded FabBRICK, a pioneering design agency focused on upcycling textile waste into decorative and insulative bricks. These bricks, crafted from discarded clothes, offer both thermal and acoustic insulation.

In 2017, Merlet's groundbreaking work was acknowledged when she won the FAIRE contest, earning support from the Pavillon de l'Arsenal for the development of her innovative bricks. Since then, FabBRICK has evolved into a leading design agency, employing a team dedicated to transforming textile waste into sustainable building materials.

FabBRICK's mission is to assist companies in dealing with and reusing their textile waste. By transforming this waste into design products and interior fittings, the company aims to raise awareness about recycling opportunities while challenging waste producers. Looking ahead, FabBRICK envisions upgrading its manufacturing process, transitioning from an artisanal approach to an industrial method, all while maintaining local and regional setups.

FabBRICK's bricks are crafted using shredded material from discarded clothing, including cotton, polyester, elastane, and PVC. Merlet's ecologically-friendly glue binds the scraps, which are then mechanically compressed into bricks. These bricks, known for their excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, find applications in room partitions, decorative walls, and even furniture.

Since its establishment in 2018, FabBRICK has designed over 40,000 bricks, representing 12 tons of recycled textiles. The company collaborates with various partners, including Galeries Lafayette and Vinci Construction, showcasing the versatility of its bricks in handmade series and worksite uniform upcycling projects.

Clarisse Merlet's commitment to sustainable construction has garnered her recognition, including winning the Faire Paris competition, Petit Poucet 2019, Start'in ESS 2019, and Prix Gabriel 2020. The company continues to innovate, with Merlet exploring the potential use of shredded surgical masks in brick production.

As FabBRICK pioneers the transformation of textile waste into eco-friendly bricks, Clarisse Merlet's journey from architecture student to sustainability champion continues to inspire a new wave of environmentally conscious construction practices.

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